Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Kam vs The Lich King

Although last Tuesday was my last attempt at the Lich King, the guild organized one last try on Monday night, so we could try to stick it to the sod Arthas just before Cataclysm was launched. So while most people were crowding around the portals in Orgrimmar, Kam and 9 other guildies were once again atop the frozen throne, being killed by defiles and bloody val'kyr.

Unfortunately the attempts were not going well, due to a mixture of dying and I think people being unfamiliar with the roles their alts were meant to play in the fight. At 10pm we swapped a fair number of alts out for mains and continued to wipe a bit. By 10:36 it was announced we would have 2 more attempts, but them people needed to get ready for Cataclysm, those who had the digital copy were headed into the new zones at 11pm.

Two more tries I think, then it will all be over. Over it was. We somehow managed to transition into phase 2.5 (endless winter number 2), popped Bloodlust to take down the spirits and despite losing a tank, some dps and 1 healer in phase 3, phase 3 went smoothly. Without those Val'kyr to complicate defile, it seemed very easy to deal with, there was no pressure to DPS hard and we chipped away at LK bit by bit. The people who went into Shadowmourne knew what to do, and before you know it The Lich King is at 10% and boom, I get to see the video I've sneakily peeked at in Dalaran.

As is traditional, Kam donned his title immediately and I took a few screenies for posterity. Kam vs LK, Kam 1 - LK about 60. We killed him at 22:49, with 11 minutes to go before Cataclysm made it all irrelevant.

So what next for Kam? For the Cataclysm expansion I plan on trying my hand at tanking, which unfortunately a Shaman is not best-equipped for. Therefore I have switched mains to my Druid and will be barely holding aggro in instances and raids (see what I did there).

I do have plans to re-purpose Kam to a fine Jewelcrafter and given the crazily short leveling times in Cata, may well take him out for some pwnage once again. But for now, a bit of mining and JC is all that is in his future.

So if you do want to read about Enhancement Shaman, I can recommend Shaman on Ramen and Windfury, and of course Wow Insider.

"But I really like reading your rambling posts Rakhman" you might say. "I really want to hear about your half-assed instance runs and casual raiding on some Druid and maybe some silly Death Knight stuff as well". Rather than pollute this Shaman class blog with such posts, I have two other blogs which will contain my further misadventures in the shattered azeroth; Way Of The Druid for erm Druid stuff, and Shadow and Blade for the DK.

I may also post achievements stuff here, as was its original dual purpose, as and when I find any interesting ones. Until then, farewell and Lok'tar ogar!
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