Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Christmas is coming: Kam's guide to the Winter's Veil achievements

Hey it's almost November, and you just know as soon as the Halloween stuff is gone from the shelves, the Christmas gear will replace it. In the same spirit, I have recently been looking at the Winter's Veil achievements.

One in particular stands out, Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la, which used to require the Ogri'la dailies to be opened by doing the prereq quest chains, but reports from wow.com claim this is not the case any more.

'Tis the Season looks ok apart from the requirement to have 3 pieces of clothing, two can be crafted (by a Tailor and Leatherworker) hopefully from recipes acquired last year, but the hats dropped from bosses in various instances in 2007. In 2008 they dropped from various bosses, the easiest of which is Magus Telestra in The Nexus. Wowhead has the locations of the Winter Hats which thankfully range in level:

A Frosty Shake looks fine, the kit comes from doing one of the Veil quests and according to the Wowhead comments, you can be portalled or summoned to Dalaran at any level. Then a helpful guildie, also disguised as a snowman, can dance with you. In 2008 I also found several people as snowmen waiting for someone to come dance with them.

Crashin' & Thrashin' uses a Crashin' Thrashin' Racer Controller which comes from a present under the tree around the 25th. Once controlling the car, you need to press 1 to do the crash special when another car is directly in front of yours, within a small distance. Your car will leap forward and crash up anything in its path. A helpful guildie should be good for this, or alternatively there are a lot of people racing near the tree around the 25th. This is no longer required for the meta. Looting the present will also complete He Knows If You've Been Naughty, although Kam has this achievement because he has various pets from under last year's tree.

Let It Snow appears to be much like the Hallow's End Check Your Weight. It seems you can only get up to 5 snowflakes per hour by kissing revellers - you get a debuff preventing trying for more, much like the trick-or-treating in Hallow's End. A bit of grinding for the snowflakes will be in order, then you need to spot the right class/race combinations. Over Achiever will put an entry in your tooltip to tell you if you need to snowflake someone. In 2008 I had trouble finding a Draenei Priest, the rest were fine.

With a Little Helper from My Friends is another make-you-do-PvP under the influence of some buff achievement (cough GNERD Rage cough) which doesn't look to hard to do at some point over Winter's Veil. However the gnome costume fades if you die; so ideally you need to hide at the back in a battleground, or better still, ride in one of the vehicles in Wintergrasp and run over the opposing faction for many HKs.

Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's requires a few pieces of Mistletoe, which you have a chance of getting when casting /kiss on a Winter Reveler. Again a debuff will prevent you from trying to get Mistletoe more than once per hour. With the introduction of the Winter Flying heirloom book, Horde need only be 68 to fly to the Airship in Icecrown for this, to mistletoe Brother Keltan. Or you could try one of these tactics.

Scrooge looks simple, but might land Kam in hot water with the Thunder Bluff faction for snowballing his faction leader. He will claim it was the nearby Undead who did it.

The other achievements look quite straightforward to do, just complete the usual Winter's Veil quests.

So things to do before Winter's Veil starts:

Once this Hallow's End madness is finished Kam will start on those Ogri'la dailies.


Crashandburn said...

Well at least you know one leather worker who can make the boots (and I have a hat) just need to find someone to make the robe.

I also have a snowman kit sat in the bank, so you may well have a dancing partner.

Rakhman said...

Turns out my lowbie tailor can make the Green Winter clothes. So many instance runs to grab a hat will be needed :)

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