Thursday, 27 May 2010

DPS Scaling in ICC

So Death Goddess posted some stats regarding DPS Scaling in ICC 25, go check them out. She took the best figures from each class/spec combination on World of Logs. Her conclusion is that "Death Knights are in a sorry state" and "By the end of the 12 fights, the BEST DK spec, unholy, was beaten out by at least one spec from EVERY class except poor, poor shammies". Hmmm, that would be poor old Enhancement Shamans.

It gets worse in the Heroic figures, where on average Enhancement Shamans are the absolute bottom with 12.8k DPS compared to the top class/spec of Fury Warrior at 16.9k. Among the fairly bad figures we post, she raises an intriguing point "And as has already been stated, the dps for shammies was much worse than any other class. Obviously, Blizz' announcement that there will be other heroism classes paves the way for shaman to get a big boost - and rightfully so." I hope so too, although armed with these charts, if I post a bad performance I can now blame Blizzard on my guild forums ;)

Again this is an interesting post for any class/spec, so do check it out and comment.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Heroic Lolship is like, lol.

Thursday night, the usual clearance raid that Kam participates in is running (every Frost must go!). On the Lootship Battle, we are asked if we would like to swap in a guest who has killed the Lichen King and thus can unlock Heroic mode for us. It may be tough, but the loot is worth it, or that's what I thought anyway.

Nothing can be further from the truth. I can now say that Heroic Gunship is just exactly like normal Gunship. Maybe the mobs die a bit slower, but we had almost the same number of boardings and the whole thing went very smoothly and coughed up some nice loot. Such as this nice Heroic Frost Giant's Cleaver, which I could use to pose and epeen in, except that now everyone knows Heroic Lootship is easy, if they didn't already. I shall merely enchant and equip it and hope for more DPS.

Seriously, I'd even do it on Heroic in a pug.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Cataclysm Alpha Shaman talents

are up on MMO Champion. Now obviously these are subject to much change and are from Alpha, but I thought I'd chunter about them a bit, because really how many more posts can I make about my weekly raid into ICC Lower Spire?

Ok so MMO Champion took their stuff down, so shall I. Until the Beta when we can chunter about it again!

This also raises the question, should I bother covering Alpha and Beta information, when it starts to hit? Usually there is a slow period after Beta starts where the only news about WoW is beta information and anyone who wants to avoid that is reduced to pretty much no WoW news at all. Skipping beta stuff would of course would mean less to talk about on the blog, but has the advantage of no spoilers or me spending time looking at stuff which might be replaced or changed before Live (remember Spirit Link any one?).
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