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Kam's guide to being a Fool For Love

I pity the fool who tries for this achievement. According to the in-game calendar the Love is in the Air event is from Wednesday February 11th to Monday the 16th (at 6am so probably not Monday). Let's check it out:

20 people need to have their hearts broken and you need to mend them first. Finding such people is not difficult - they will tend to congregate around the inn waiting to be mended. You may get 2-4 bracelets per box, thus will need to grind 5 adoration boxes min.

Flirt With Disaster
The petals are from adoration boxes so you need 1 box minimum. However it is claimed on Wowhead that the bouquet also works. If you have one from last year, good good. Otherwise they are no longer available.

Nearest and Dearest
Just follow the quest starting Dangerous Love. It is worth noting the reward for the quest Zinge's Assessment on the chain is a Box of Chocolates, which will therefore complete Sweet Tooth. The quest also gives 1 rose petal which is very useful.

Nation of Adoration
Buy perfume and a love token, wander round till a citizen has a heart above their head. Hand them the love token, hope for a Gift of Adoration. Get one for each city to do this. So you need to grind 3 adoration boxes for this. It is worth noting these only come from vendors and the like, NOT guards. Don't chat up city guards hoping to do this achievement!

Thank the earthmother this is no longer part of the achievement. Basically you need to grind for adoration boxes each hour and hope this rare drop is in one. One for serious pet collectors only.

Be Mine!
Candy comes from a bag with 10 charges in the Adoration box again. You use it and it has a chance to turn into one of the sweets. So you will need 1 adoration box minimum.

I Pitied The Fool
Use /pity on a Love Fool in 5 locations, all ok apart from maybe AB but a macro will help to do it quickly. Love Fools come from adoration boxes in stacks of 3-5. Grind 1 adoration box minimum. You may only need 2, for the instances, and get lucky with the rest if you can /pity someone elses Fool, which it should work.

You need 10 silver shafted arrows, contained in Gifts and Pledges of Adoration in stacks of 5. So you will need 2 adoration boxes minimum.

Camp Dalaran for someone with a basket out, or maybe hope to get one in a Gift of Adoration from citizens.

The Rocket's Pink Glare
The rockets are contained in Gifts and Pledges of Adoration - in stacks of 5 so you will need 2 minimum.

Fistful of Love
You need 10 rose petals needed, so thats 2 adoration boxes. Or you can use the red bouquet, only if you got it last year.

Sweet Tooth
You need chocolates from box of chocs from adoration. However if you do the seasonal quest, you get a box of chocolates along the way. So do the quest!

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose
You need a bouquet during the festival, which drops from various bosses. Unfortunately blizzard have said they have removed the old red bouquet which used to drop from old world bosses in Strat, Scholo, DM etc. You actually need to go kill a boss in a Northrend instance, the easiest of which is the Prince in Utguard Keep. He drops the bouquet 100% of the time on normal difficulty. The Elder Brethren achievements task force hitting UK on the opening day and all were able to get their bouquet.

Minimizing Adoration boxes
I think I worked out you need quite a few adoration boxes at a minimum, but if you had the red bouquet from last year, grats, you need 2 less boxes (as you don't need 10 petals in 2 boxes). 1 box may also contain more than one sort of item, so we may get lucky and get say a Petal and Arrow in one box.

But we can get some items from the Horde gift collection quest, handed in next to the faction leaders. The quest reward is a choice of 5 arrows, 5 love rockets or 5 rose petals. I won't repeat the contents of Wowhead so go read that for a good summary of what you need.

The totals are 15 gifts of friendship and 30 pledges of friendship minimum for a collection (assuming no duplicates). This is just gold cost because you can get friendship boxes while adored. If you get heartbroken you need to be friendshipped by someone which should be ok. So there is no time limit to getting these city gifts apart from a lot of gold and travelling. And maybe being heartbroken.

So how many items do we need from the quest? 10 arrows, 10 rockets, 10 petals. Thats then 6 horde gift collections = 90 gifts of friendship min (citizens) and 180 pledges of friendship min (guards).

10 love tokens cost 10 copper. 10 perfume bottle charges cost 1 silver, with a 2 min cooldown but the buff lasts 60 minutes. The costs involved are basically trivial, not even 1 gold maximum.

Worse case scenario
We are up against the Random Number Generator, so the worst case scenario is you never get any of a certain item and just get all Love Rockets, for instance. The more boxes of adoration you can get the better basically.

If you have the red rose bouquet from last year, use it to do Fistful of Love.

Doing the Horde Gift giving is advisable to get arrows and love rockets to cut down on the amount of real time needed to wait for adoration boxes. However I would advise you get the Horde Gift Collection, don't hand it in, then save it until you know which items you are short of.

Do the quest Dangerous Love, the reward has a box of chocolates and a rose petal so you can do Sweet Tooth and Flirt With Disaster easily.

The Overachiever mod will add a tooltip for the petals achievement when you hover a player, showing red when you need to petal them. But you may need to enable the tooltip in the options.

The first 3 adoration boxes you get should be from citizens or vendor NPCs of TB, UC and Org, for Nation of Adoration. After that it doesn't matter, although guards are far more numerous than citizens.

Shamans should hearth in Dalaran or Shattrath, then you can Astral Recall every 15 minutes and take a portal to whichever city you need gifts from. Of course Mages have it really easy here...

The faction of an NPC determines which sort of gift you get. You can give a love token to a tauren NPC in Orgrimmar and receive a Thunder Bluff box.

Once they have given a gift, an NPC won't have a floating heart for around 1-2 minutes, then it reappears. This means you can camp a specific NPC and keep on getting gifts from them. This is especially handy for non-guards, who are far less numerous than guards.

Gifts, petals and love rockets are not Bind on Pickup. So you can try to get adoration boxes with all your alts, then trade them with a guildie who can trade them back to your main.

Start early!

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