Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Pilgrim event starts November 8th, not part of meta

As part of my fiddling around in 3.2, I noticed that the new festival, Pilgrim's Bounty, had been added to the achievements list. Lo, in the in-game calendar it starts on Sunday the 8th of November and ends 1 week later in the evening of Saturday 14th.

The event looks like fun, however whats most important is, that for now, it is not part of the What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been meta achievement.

The only other noteworthy thing is the Day of the Dead event appears to be on November 1st lasting until the end of the 2nd, and has a little achievement associated with it.

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Skraps said...

Saturday the 14th!!!

Why that day is even worse than Friday the 13th.

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