Friday, 19 March 2010

Noth the Plaguebringer Must Die! Again!

Something was amiss in the land of Aszune last night. Despite completing Noth the Plaguebringer Must Die! on Tuesday, the quest was available again on Thursday, during the same Weekly-Raid-Quest-Reset week.

Perhaps during server maintainance Archmage Lan'dalock forgot he had tasked adventurers with doing the deed, and is once again handing the quest out. Either way, I couldn't possibly condone doing it twice in one week. That would be naughty.


Crofe said...

This was happening on Frostmane awhile ago. It was good fun and trying to get a 25man PuG together for the second week was a pain.

Skraps said...

Maybe you just didn't kill him enough last time. Try killing him A LOT this time.

Rakhman said...

And he was the quest again this week, clearly not been killed enough. Luckily I did it in a 25 man as I was locked to the 10 man from last week.

The decursers didn't realise they needed to decurse, which leads me to think of a series entitled "25 man its not like your 10 man " explaining the difference for 10 man raiders.

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