Friday, 23 May 2008

Soloing fun as Resto

Having levelled as Elemental I had no problem soloing, apart from needing a drink now and then. When I respecced to Resto I was expecting the worse. A holy priest friend of mine described how she couldn't solo for toffee and was basically forced to respec to shadow. So I read the WoW Insider article containing some tips on how to solo as Resto. This describes that the author's healing gear was good enough to solo in and that he kept Earth Shield up, used 2 handers and shocked and LBed stuff.

Well sadly my healing gear is currently sat at 110 mp5 (with water shield up) and only 940ish healing, with a mere 300 or so damage. Take water shield off and my mana regen goes down the pan, as it were. I tried this approach but it didn't really work out; my damage was pathetic and I went OOM faster than a laser chicken. The healing from ES was nice but without any mana to offense things... it was bad.

My elemental gear, on the other hand, is sat at 80 mp5 with water shield and around 500 damage, mainly because I levelled as Elemental so I was always snapping up the shiny +damage stuff. After trying in this gear it's not so bad; sure the lightning bolts take a second longer to cast and the spells don't have as much oomph as they used to, but its actually perfectly viable. Plus I can throw on ES when fighting casters so they don't really hurt me at all. I keep Flametongue on the 1 hander and stabbity stab away at stuff, shock and LB, plus my heals are pretty much uninterruptable so I can get them off far easier.

Of course its still not being the Elemental shaman, so quest are still taking a lot longer, but I'm refreshed that its possible to solo as Resto.

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Merlot said...


You have no idea how pleased I am to find your blog (from It must be fate. I am gearing my alt shammie up for healing and am at pretty much the exact same stage as you - probably with even less healing experience to boot.

Grinding resto is deathly slow, isn't it? My tip for managing mana is to keep water shield up while you're getting hit on - flame shock, searing totem and flame tongue on a fast dagger should be enough to kill the mob before you die. Heal up at the end and move on. You probably won't need earth shield unless you grab adds.

But if you know you're going to be grinding for a while, or doing a tough quest, I'd even think about respeccing ele. A couple of dailies is all you need to make up the cost and it's soooo much easier.

Anyway, good luck with the healing and keep the lessons coming cos my shammy needs them!

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