Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Enchanting as always, my dear

Here is the list I've scraped together for all the enchants/patches I want for my healing kit, basically entirely stolen from The Elitist Jerks Shaman Wiki but with the material costs nicely summarized.

That is a lot of primal life!

Just last night I got the gloves major healing enchant done on my Seer's Ringmail Gloves and I already have chest restore mana prime just on the Elemental chest Kam has, mostly because it is cheap, so why not.

Having recently got a lovely The Essence Focuser from the guild bank, I am now saving up for the weapon healing enchant. Other stuff from factions which look very good are as follows:

Kam is Scryer honoured, but has rubbish green shoulders, so I'm saving the shoulder inscription until I can get a blue, either the PvP ones from Sha'tar or a dungeon drop.

Which leads onto the tricky problem of reputation grinding. Getting to honoured with Cenarion Expedition and Thrallmar was no problem, quests alone were sufficient. However to be honoured with KoT, Sha'tar or LC seems much much harder. KoT is basically you must do the Caverns Of Time instances, which definitely are not soloable, so some group time is needed. Sha'tar is a bit more serious, either I can carry on handing in Sunfury Signets until honoured, or go to Tempest Keep instances. I've done all the (very few) quests in the game so its the PUG or the grind. Finally Lower City also requires instances or a ton of Arakkoa Feathers. What weighs more, a ton of Arakkoa feathers or a ton of bricks? I seem to recall this being a problem when I hit 70 with my Hunter; a lot of rep to grind and no fun way to solo it.

This, as it stands, is my in game to do list, which I dutifully refer to whenever I log in.... then I go quest for gold and fun instead, tee he he!

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