Monday, 15 June 2009

Back In A Skirt (Again)

Tuesday night, Naxxramas 10 and Thaddius is the target for the Tier leg token. Amazingly the big sparky git actually drops it, and as the only main and Warrior/Shaman/Hunter on the run, Kam won it.

I promptly handed the token in for the Heroes' Earthshatter War-Kilt. The stats on this thing are very nice, hit rating, crit and attack power, and none of that funny ArPen stuff. It also has two sockets I can stuff yet more hit rating gems into. It's a big upgrade over my previous Giantmaim Legguards.

However... it may be called a Kilt, but we can all see what it looks like... a skirt. A fetching, metallic blue skirt, but skirt-like never-the-less. Still Kam will be wearing it for the uber stats.

To use 4T7 or not?
With the legs, Kam is wearing 3 pieces of the Tier 7 set, with the gloves sat in the bank because he has the Gloves of Taut Grip. However I wanted to know whether it was worth using the Tier 7 gloves to get the 4 piece set bonus. To figure this out, I turned to Enhsim. I used ShockAndAwe to export two configs; one with the Tier 7 gloves and one with the Gloves of Taut Grip. I then enabled the set bonus appropriately, and ran 4 simulations, with and without replenishment.

4 piece T7 set (no replenishment) 2839
3 piece T7 set (no replenishment) 2833
4 piece T7 set (replenishment) 2854
3 piece T7 set (replenishment) 2836

It looks like (in theory) the 4 piece T7 bonus edges out the superior Ulduar gloves, but only just. There are many reasons why these figures can be wrong - I haven't selected all the buffs I could have, and I can't guarantee certain buffs either. One thing is certain, with replenishment the 4pcT7 gets better, probably because the Tier gloves have less intellect than the Gloves of Taut Grip. Rawr also backs this up, showing the Tier 7 gloves as a big upgrade.

So with the acquisition of a fine melee skirt, I shall use the Tier 7 gloves and take the 4 piece set bonus. Then worry a lot if I ever have to break the set!


Race said...

Kilts are awesome.

T8 legs are not a kilt, however, the chest is a robe, so the look is the same. :p

Whats my main Again? said...

I play alliance and skirts are a godsend to my draenei's legs. I loved the look of the tier 7.5 legs.... then I got the tier 8.5 legs /cry they are pants :(

Few more weeks though and I'll have the conquest badges I need for the chest piece which is a robe and I won't look so funky!

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