Thursday, 25 June 2009

Tis the season to be alting

Midsummer is here, with it some achievements to go grind and some fires to visit for really easy gold or XP.

It is also the traditionally slack summer season, where droves of people go on holiday. Our guild is currently experiencing the great tank drought of 2009 as it has been named. When a tank goes on holiday their absence is keenly felt.

Something must be done! If you dance around a Ribbon Pole during the Fire Festival for 60 seconds, you get the Ribbon Dance buff which increases XP for killing monsters by 10%. This combined with a tasty heirloom item means a lot faster levelling. The poles are scattered around all over the place, so they are usually close to any zone.

Additionally, visiting a fire and honouring it yields 3200 XP (at level 50), which given you just fly around and run a little way to each fire, is pretty much free XP if you can spare the time.

So for the next couple of weeks, when raids are inevitable cancelled, I'll be running around with my Druid making the most of the free XP boosts.


Skraps said...

doing the same with my Druid. My son who pretty much gets WoW taken away during the school year for poor grades is allowed to play again, so he has been leveling his rogue while I druid it up.

I gained 4 levels on Saturday, in just a few hours between rested, heirloom, and fire buffs. A couple of quests, 2 runs through WC and one SFK. It was a pretty good weekend.


KC said...

I've been doing this with my little priest (who is getting to be a regular-sized priest at 40) and my friend and I will team up her priest and my druid and hit a bunch of fires early next week.

The Free Experience Festival is awesome. (Or Free Money Festival, at 80 — 13g for enemy fires and 6g for your side is not bad for a few hours work.)

Psynister said...

I'm always leveling alts regardless, but I do like the bonus experience.

One very minor note, is that you don't have to dance around the pole. You can actually just click it and then sit right where you are. That's when I take my bio breaks or go grab some food or drink.

Ninjaoctopus said...

Yeah, I'm usually on various alts but this gave me the perfect opportunity to get them to ding without having to do anything else besides put out a few fires.

I think I can safely say that some of my alts are now professional firefighters after putting out that many fires.

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