Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Enh Shaman to use mana in Cataclysm claimed in Hunter thread!

This blue post was interesting:

Also, Enhancement shamans will almost certainly stay as mana-users but still share (non Int) gear with hunters. This likely means some kind of attack power to mana regen mechanic like Ret paladins have currently. However development on stuff like this is still early.

A Judgements of the Wise type mechanic where we proc Replenishment? Or maybe some sort of talent which gives mana regen on hit and scales with attack power? Then later we get:
I meant Ret is a spec of a mana-using class that gets everything they need from attack power gear. This is different from say Feral druids who don't use mana in their melee mode. Our assumption is that Enhancement shaman will wear gear without any Int on it but still use mana for their spells.

At least we will still be using mana, as I am quite addicted to the stuff. No real word on any cunning talents to regen mana more than SR, Imp SS etc. Still, an interesting thread even though it spends a lot of misguided time discussing hunters ;-)

PS I guess I'm the only one who isn't a fan of the full-face mask theme of the Shaman Tier 10 stuff!


Skraps said...

I think the T10 shaman gear is made of pure win. I am a huge fan of the slightly decayed/frozen look to the new gear. I can't wait to start slinging heals with that much badassery in my gear.

Crashandburn said...

The Ret pally mechanics are interesting, certainly for raiding Judgement of Wisdom would be the way forward, even though Replenishment procs off any Judgement.

Other than that there's Divine Plea which is like a 25% innervate one a 1 min cooldown.

I would guess that there won't be too many changes if the abilities you have right now are able to keep you from going oom 2 minutes into the fight.

In terms of helm graphics I haven't liked any in this expansion. Helm graphics are most certainly staying off.

Abruk said...

Don't feel bad, I'm not a big fan of the shaman T10 gear either.

Rahana said...

I just would like to point out that all Retribution mana return has nothing at all to do with gear - it's all baseline or talent abilities:

Judgement of Wisdom - a spell that places mana return debuff on target

Judgement of the Wise (talent) - adds bigger self-return on mana and causes replenishment

Divine Plea - baseline ability to restore mana over time at the cost of healing output. Quite long cooldown.

Now don't get me as mentoring prick, I just don't like those "vague" statements without proper mentioning of mechanics. It most likely ends up in "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence" arguments that are pointles.

On topic - The T10 is frikkin awesome. Hope the 10 man gear stays in the originaly posted colour on MMO. Our 10m guild runs very often a 3 shammy setting - reindeers unite :) But definitely worth the wait. I'd even nominate it for top 3 tiers of xpac.

Race said...

How this is handled will be very interesting. Througout TBC we wore mostly rogue leather. Adding MW and Mental Dexterity, pushed us into Mail in Wrath. Now they are taking Int off of mail, so Mental Dexterity is probably going to be eliminated. I'm not really happy about another complete rework of our mechanics.

Rakhman said...

@Rahana I am more interested in Ret Paladins as I suspect Blizzard are going to use them as a template for how a "mana using non int carrying melee class" may work, ie I think Enh will move much closer to how Ret works in Cataclysm. But it's always good to get more information!

I am wondering if SR will go the way of the dodo, or we will be kept regenerating mana in an attack power dependent way, it would be quite boring to all be the same!

@Race I am cautious of another rework of our mechanics really, but Ret gets along fine with their mechanic so there is hope for us.

Interestingly leather is now not so good as Mail in a lot of cases because of the lack of Int on it, I wonder if it will return as a good choice in Cataclysm if we are after the exact same stats as rogues. Sigh. Or should I say hurrah, more armour choices!?

Merlot said...

You're not alone, I don't like T10 either. The frozen look is cool, but the horns and ghost shoveltusks smack of druid.

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