Friday, 27 November 2009

TotC 25 is...

...harder than 10 man, was Kam's experience last night. Faction Champions are more numerous, have more health and thus take much longer to kill. I think I managed to pop Wolves 3 times!

Then there is Anub'arak who seems to have high DPS requirements, which our raid failed to meet. Still, compared to the pushover that is 10 man, it's a decent challenging fight.

I lost the roll on Death's Choice too. It would be my choice as well! However my philosophy is that I should be able to raid 10 man content with purely 10 man drops, so I should not need anything from 25 man to enter Icecrown Citadel.

Thankfully because it was a PUG, there is an amusing loot story to share. Apparently Ring of the Violent Temperament is ideal Mage loot, because it features critical strike and haste. Not sure how strength works on Mage, but I guess there is some Strength->Spell Power talent in those trees? :)


Skraps said...

I agree ToC 25 is much harder than 10. But Faction Champs is SO much more fun. It is like a giant chaotic Arena. I hate arena, but this is fun. Also as a healer, the champs mostly leave me alone, and if I do agro one a little, I can hex it.

Anub is a lot less forgiving on 25, but pretty doable as long as you pay attention to ice, and adds.

Rakhman said...

I did quite enjoy Faction Champions, the 10 man one is really quite boring because is has been nerfed sooo hard its unfunny.

I think we were hitting the DPS requirements on Anub, but we were all in 10 man gear so probably needed to pull some more DPS out. That or play properly :)

Race said...

And that good sir is Why PUGs are the devil. :P

"But I'm wearing a blue and thats purple so its an upgrade!"

After blowing a few hundred attempts on Herioc 25 Anub, I can do normal in my sleep. We never managed to kill him before our tanks burned out and quit the game/transferred. Unfortunately he has most of the upgrades I still need, But with ICC dropping it doesnt really matter I guess.

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