Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tis the Night Before Xmas...

...or at least it feels like Xmas has come early, with the news that 3.3 will hit the EU tomorrow.

Luckily I have some play time on Wednesday and Thursday night, so my current plan is to hit the weekly raid quest and try out the Looking For Raid tool (or just the LFG group), then try the new Dungeon Finder tool to do a random heroic for those Emblems of Frost. I want to try the new Fire Nova spell to see what it and a Magma Totem can do to heroic trash. I'm well up for running through all 3 new 5 man dungeons on heroic mode - for the storyline, lore and some nice loot to fill the gaps I have in my armour. Finally I guess if I must I shall run endless heroics for Emblems of Triumph, at last count I require just shy of 120 of the buggers.

I also want to seek out the Quel'Delar quest chain and get started on it, a tasty iLevel 251 weapon awaits, and I'm a sucker for long quest chains. Kam will be seeing what the next step in the fight against the Lich King is with these new Ashen Verdict characters, and I might just even manage to step foot in Icecrown Citadel, although it's highly unlikely.

Rather than post a big patch post, I'll post some impressions of the 3.3 stuff once I've had the chance to explore it. Until then!

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