Saturday, 10 April 2010

Cataclysm Class Changes: Mage

Mage changes are up. Most is not relevant to Shamans, but what is this:

Time Warp (level 83): Grants a passive Haste effect much like Bloodlust or Heroism to party or raid members. It also temporarily increases the mage's own movement speed. Time Warp will be exclusive with Bloodlust and Heroism, meaning you can't benefit from both if you've got the Exhaustion debuff, though the movement-speed increase will still work even when under the effects of Exhaustion.

1. How "much like" Bloodlust or Heroism. Have they done what I think they have done?
2. If so, can I have movement-speed increase on Bloodlust kthxbai
3. What's up with all these movement-speed increasing spells we are suddenly seeing, I smell a rat. A big rat involving having to move away from things in raids far quicker than we currently do.


Skraps said...

While I agree with you, I don't see myself running out of things. I'll just stand and die. I mean not intentionally, but I am the king of stupid deaths.

Kayllnn said...

I am excited about the mage buff, but I am a mage so.. maybe I don't count. But my main raider is a shaman right now and I am not worried about my shamans spot in Cataclysm, we will survive.

@Skraps- ...or you could just wait until your priest life grips you out!

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