Thursday, 1 April 2010

Level 80 Elite Tuskarr Shaman

Race change
I've finally decided to do it and Kam has a new shiny race. Although Taurens are very cool and warstomp has its place, lets face it, the racials pale in comparison to others like Orc blood fury or Troll berserking. I, however, have gone for the best race possible, newly available in Account Management.

Behold Kam, Tuskarr Shaman:

I'm really looking forward to making use of the imba fishing racial in raids.

Armory bugs
However all is not well in WoW. According to the armory this morning, Kam has been up to some shady activity in Pit of Saron. I did in fact win those legs fair-and-square thank you very much.

Even stranger, on my other characters the armory is showing that I "cheesed" certain achievements, even though they were earned properly.

I think that something has gone seriously haywire with the armory this morning, hopefully it will all get fixed once this day has passed (whatever date it is, I forget).


Kate said...

Happy April Fools Day to you!!

Merlot said...

Nice job mate, if only we could :)

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