Thursday, 27 May 2010

DPS Scaling in ICC

So Death Goddess posted some stats regarding DPS Scaling in ICC 25, go check them out. She took the best figures from each class/spec combination on World of Logs. Her conclusion is that "Death Knights are in a sorry state" and "By the end of the 12 fights, the BEST DK spec, unholy, was beaten out by at least one spec from EVERY class except poor, poor shammies". Hmmm, that would be poor old Enhancement Shamans.

It gets worse in the Heroic figures, where on average Enhancement Shamans are the absolute bottom with 12.8k DPS compared to the top class/spec of Fury Warrior at 16.9k. Among the fairly bad figures we post, she raises an intriguing point "And as has already been stated, the dps for shammies was much worse than any other class. Obviously, Blizz' announcement that there will be other heroism classes paves the way for shaman to get a big boost - and rightfully so." I hope so too, although armed with these charts, if I post a bad performance I can now blame Blizzard on my guild forums ;)

Again this is an interesting post for any class/spec, so do check it out and comment.


Skraps said...

As a sometimes frost mage, I find it hard to believe that an enhancement shammy would do less DPS than I do.

But maybe I just fail at DPS and should stick to Resto'ing.

Hinenuitepo said...

Thanks for the link, and the comments Rakhman.

The comments on my own post point out the flaws in the researc that I did.
And while these criticisms are to some extent valid, I'm fairly confident the general conclusions are sound.
In particular, that shaman have it the worst in ICC and fury the best - for the 'real' dps specs.

Yes, Skraps, unfortunately several specs are left out in the cold in terms of true pve utility. Frost mages, sublety rogues, arms warriors, BM hunters, and the like simply aren't given the tools to even be competitive.

So, enhance shammies are the lowest of the theoretically viable specs, but you are correct in saying some specs are even worse off.

Not that this is any consolation, but mages can go fire for one of the best specs out there.

DKs and shaman don't have the option of choosing a top dps spec, since such a thing doesn't exist atm.

Give said...

The fact that shamans are always at the bottom of every list is pretty telling of how much attention Blizzard cares for this class.

Druids do almost everything shamans do better. They instant shapeshift, they heal better, they shapeshift out of all movement impairing effects, and they can heal and move with at least 3 hots.

What upsets me most is this excuse that it's a hybrid class. Ever since I started playing them, I've found shamans gimmped in every way. Paladins are another Hybrid class, that can out heal and out DPS shamans.

Paladins can even tank better than "pure" classes. So this whole hybrid class thing is pretty much BS.

Bah, maybe I'm just QQing, but it is very unlikely shamans will be getting boost in DPS. EVER.

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