Thursday, 6 May 2010

Cataclysm Alpha Shaman talents

are up on MMO Champion. Now obviously these are subject to much change and are from Alpha, but I thought I'd chunter about them a bit, because really how many more posts can I make about my weekly raid into ICC Lower Spire?

Ok so MMO Champion took their stuff down, so shall I. Until the Beta when we can chunter about it again!

This also raises the question, should I bother covering Alpha and Beta information, when it starts to hit? Usually there is a slow period after Beta starts where the only news about WoW is beta information and anyone who wants to avoid that is reduced to pretty much no WoW news at all. Skipping beta stuff would of course would mean less to talk about on the blog, but has the advantage of no spoilers or me spending time looking at stuff which might be replaced or changed before Live (remember Spirit Link any one?).


Jye Nicolson said...

If the 15% movement talent goes live, it won't be a choice. 7% bonus movement over a boot enchant plus the DPS value of a replacement enchant will be massive.

You may have noticed we're a bit terrible on movement fights right now :<

Bjorn said...

What I'm looking at is this:,,11927

55 points in enhancement, not putting 4 like you have in Ancestral Knowledge, and only 2/3 in static shock (or possibly 1/2 points in imp. stormstrike), freeing up a point to reach Elemental Mastery.
I don't know about the numbers, but won't having an instant lava burst every 2/3 mobs do more overall damage than a +2% proc chance on lightning shield?

alister said...

what is the new end spell that you get at the end of the tree like we got ghost wolves in wotlk for example

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