Saturday, 10 July 2010

Cataclysm: Levelling Enhancement as actually Enhancement

So a few days ago this crazy blue post outlined the changes to the talent system in the expansion. The relevant bits are:

If you choose Enhancement, we want you to feel like an Enhancement shaman right away, not thirty talent points later. When talent trees are unlocked at level 10, you will be asked to choose your specialization (e.g. whether you want to be an Arms, Fury or Protection warrior) before spending that first point. Making this choice comes with certain benefits, including whatever passive bonuses you need to be effective in that role, and a signature ability that used to be buried deeper in the talent trees. ... The passive bonuses range from nergle... to more interesting passives such as blah... or the ability to dual-wield itself for Enhancement shaman.

Apparently found reference somewhere that Enhancement Shamans would be getting Lava Lash too, although they didn't link to the source.

This is actually quite exciting for a levelling Shaman. With Primal Strike obtained at level 3, you get to attack things with a 1 handed or 2 handed weapon and do some decent damage, instead of slinging lightning bolts at things in melee range. Then at level 10 when you wisely choose the Enhancement tree, you get dual-wield and lava lash and have the following to play with:
  • Primal Strike
  • Earth Shock
  • Flame Shock
  • Lava Lash
  • Lightning Shield

Unfortunately Windfury Weapon imbue doesn't show up until level 30, but Flametongue weapon does appear at level 10 so slap that on both weapons, follow a simplified Enhancement priority and Robert is your mother's brother.

Hopefully the talent tree shakeup will make more tasty stuff available sooner, and they will make WF weapon available early. This might even make me reconsider leveling an alt come Cataclysm. Goblin Shaman anyone?

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Skraps said...

I saw the Goblin totems, and I am seriously considering leveling a second shaman come Cata.

Cause heck, if I can have all 3 specs readily available why wouldn't I?

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