Monday, 19 July 2010

Lich King not HC down

Despite most things just trucking along here, and news of Cataclysm coming thick and fast, some things of note do still happen back in plain old Wrath. One of those is the most recent kill of the Lich King by my guild on 10 man normal mode.

Although a lot of people are on heroic modes and finding difficulty with LK Heroic, our guild has struggled a whole lot on the normal mode of the fight. The requirement for no one to make a mistake has caused a load of trouble with a raid makeup which is usually made from whoever signs up on the night, and has to do Sindragosa first. We started to keep a single lock with just LK up and get a load of guildies who just wanted him dead, to keep bashing away on various nights. After a couple of months of this for 1-2 evenings of 3 hours a time, we finally managed it. Now the heroic modes are unlocked for easy Lootship loot and some harder ones, to keep interest for the mains who are all geared out from ICC 10. The step up in difficulty from the rest of ICC 10 is quite pronounced, and may not bode well if all fights in Cataclysm are this hard.

So not a world-shattering achievement by any means, but for our little guild who started raiding in Karazhan and spanked the Prince good but didn't make much progress into ZA, its game over for this expansion's bosses and grats all round. Pity I wasn't there, but hopefully I can get into another LK attempt some time.

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