Saturday, 6 November 2010

How to make an expansion reputation rewards post

Last time in Wrath of the Lich King, I made Wrath reputation rewards post. However this time I shall get all meta on you and instead write a Post About Writing Reputations Post!

To write a reputations rewards post for your chosen class now, perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to the beta version of your favourite WoW database site, such as
  • Select the link to show Factions for the new expansion, in the case of Wowhead Database -> Factions -> Cataclysm.
  • For each faction presented:

    • Write a link to the faction overview page, along with some introductory text.
      Hellscream's Reach
      The Horde faction fighting for control of Tol Barad.

    • Determine if it is a faction-specific faction, ie Horde or Alliance only. If so, describe your favourite faction (For The Horde!) and begrudgingly provide a link to the opposite faction.
      See Baradin's Wardens for Alliance sympathisers. For The Horde!

    • Find a list of items available from the faction. In the case of Wowhead, the Items tab provides this.
    • For each item in the list of items available from said faction:

      • If relevant to your class and perhaps spec, write a link to the item description, the item name and optionally some text describing your impressions of said item. Try not to drool too much over the obviously inflated stats said item has, compared to your currently equipped items. It is an expansion after all.

        Ravening Slicer
        . 2.6 speed axe, with agility, haste and mastery. 400 weapon dps too, are you kidding me? It is not unique either, I'll be having two tyvm.

      • Be sure to mention the faction level required!
        Umm, its available at Revered.

    • [Optional] Provide a list of daily quests and describe if the faction has a tabard. Describe if there are normal quests which award faction reputation as you are levelling to max level.
      In other words, provide a good idea of how one might rep up with said faction, and how painful it might be (Damn you Sons of Hodir!).
      So the Tol Barad factions, according to Wowhead, fight for control over the zone like Wintergrasp. Whoever controls the zone gets access to 12 daily quests, but they rotate in some way so you can only do 3 at once. When a quest is complete you get a 350 reputation. They do not have a championing tabard. In technical terms, grinding this one will be a right sod.

    • [Optional] Give an impression of what the maximum reputation level you would want to get is.
      Probably exalted for the trinket but I'd settle for revered for the axes.

    • [Optional] If the faction has to be unlocked in any way (Knights of the Ebon Blade), provide information as to how the reader can unlock the faction, starting quests, etc.
      Your faction would need control of Tol Barad, which might involve fighting for it and thus some PvP. Given how bad Horde on Aszune is at Wintergrasp, this could be... troublesome. I would recommend doing the dailies whenever you spot your faction has control.

There you have it. So what are you waiting for? :)

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Skraps said...

I will get meta on your meta. I will post a how to find how to write a faction reward post, and link to here.

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