Sunday, 1 June 2008

Netherstorm Resto quest reward items

Once again I had a short play session today, so any instance action was out of the question. Luckily a few guildies were online and I was able to recruit support for the two group quests Hitting the Motherlode and Dimensius the All-Devouring. I'd spotted the rewards from these quests were very good Resto upgrades for me, courtesy of wow loot, a really excellent gear guide for all classes.

Firstly a large rock giant by the name of Cragskaar had to die, achieved quite easily by myself and a protection paladin. My earthshield managed to keep him topped up without me needing to heal, so I did a little DPS (a guilty pleasure I'm sure) and ended up with a nice Celestial Jewel Ring. From the comments on Wowhead this is a really good healing ring, certainly a great upgrade from my current greens. Unfortunately the alternative was a cloak which is apparently one of the best PvE blue spellcaster cloaks. What a bind, I had to improve my resto set at the expense of the elemental set, but as a primarily resto shaman such is life.

Next up was a large angry void demon called Dimensius. I had the help of a Captain Saeed and his men, but from a previous attempt to solo it, I don't have enough healing power to keep him alive. This time with a warlock, prot paladin and a resto druid I managed it no problems. Unfortunately the resto druid was epicly geared, so my healing was somewhat minimal. One Void Slayer's Tunic makes a very nice upgrade to my previous chestpiece. Now I just need to get it enchanted and research more quests for gear upgrades.

I'm plotting with some fellow guildies and a newly levelled tank to go have a look at Sethekk Halls next week as a training run, for both myself as noob healer and him as noob tank. Should be interesting, and expensive if you know what I mean.

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