Sunday, 26 April 2009


Noblegarden starts today and so Kam hit Mulgore at the bright-and-early time of 7:30am to seek out some eggs. Thankfully Bloodhoof Village was fairly quiet so it didn't take long to gather some eggs. In fact due to a distracted wife, I had managed to gather the 180 chocolates I think I need by midday. Unfortunately I was wrong and actually you need to eat 100 chocolates for the meta!

I have already posted a guide to PTR Noblegarden which seems to be valid for the Live one. Some things I will add is don't hand in the starter quest which asks for 10 chocolates for a basket - the temporary basket works fine. Also the tuxedo clothes are not soulbound, so you can buy them or get them from guildies if you just want to complete the meta-achievement.

My top tip for egg gathering is to camp the above spot in Silvermoon, where the rabbit is. The eggs spawn inside the cart, next to the two posts and two spawn in front of the cart. All can be looted by sitting where the rabbit is.

I haven't actually spent the chocolates yet, due to getting Real Life ganked, but I just have another 100 or so to grind. Then just grinding for females of various races, planting flowers, etc is left.


Skraps said...

I got pretty lucky and got the pet, white gown, and full tux from gathering eggs. By the end of a morning I have all the achievements except eating 125 chocolates, planting flowers and I don't believe there is a single dwarf over level 18 on my server.

One thing that makes me very happy about this meta is it allows those of us that are hated with the RNG to complete it.

I farmed the headless horseman well over 100 times and never got the sinister squashling, I also wasn't able to complete the candy hearts all due to the RNG.

Overall I am very happy with Nobelgarten.

Eleazor said...

I logged on Sun and vowed not to care about this achievement...

i think that lasted until today when i realized most of my guild got the meta in a day or less.

guess i know what i'll be doing when i get home!

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