Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Kam's not-guide to Children's Week

Having got the Noblegarden achievements over and done with, I now turn my attention to that most dreaded of festivals, the Children's Week. This one looks quite simple apart from the dread PvP achievement, so instead of a big guide, here is my To Do list:

Practise the PvP objectives. Hah I've been too busy gathering Noblegarden eggs.
Be able to do a UP run during the week. I probably have a group to do this from the guild.
Farm mats for the cooking dailies for 5 days - 30 chilled meat and 30 rhino meat. Done.
Gather northern eggs, small eggs, mageroyal and cakes, tasty cupcakes. Got 1 of each food Kam needs to eat for Bad Example.

How is your personal achievement progress going? Or are you not bovvered? :)

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Rakhman said...

I've read on Wowhead that in 3.1 the daily quest timer thing for the "5 in 5 days" is fixed, so you can hand in a daily any time each day and will get credit.

I also realise the achievement Daily Chores says "hand in a daily quest when your orphan is watching", key word being hand in, so I plan on completing (but not handing in) 5 dailies and then handing them in one day at a time.

This works because I can find time to hand in a daily each day, but not the time to do all the questing etc for one.

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