Saturday, 4 July 2009

Heroic misadventures in Ahn'kahet The Old Kingdom

Thursday night and the scheduled Naxxramas raid is canceled due to the summer holidays, or something. Keen to do something, I volunteer for a heroic group being formed and then try to steer them toward one I've not done before. Trouble is, on the Heroic Dungeonmaster achievement, I have The Oculus, Halls Of Stone and The Old Kingdom left, none of which are favoured as "easy" runs.

Cunningly confusing the party, I say I've not done "Ahnkahet" which they think I'm saying "AN" = "Azjol-Nerub". By the time we are sat in Dragonblight it becomes apparent I'm after "OK" and so we try it for a laugh.

It becomes quickly apparent that Cleansing Totem is very good in the place - mobs are casting disease and/or poison, and the poor resto druid is hard pressed to keep up. One cleansing totem later and all is good.

I have my Omen set to warm at 80% tank threat, which some consider a little early, however it came in very useful last night. A single stormstrike followed by a windfury crit could give Kam 20% more threat very easily and lead to the attention of an angry mob, so I was watching the threat meter like a deranged hawk. If it was set at 100% it might have been too late when the Omen warning sounded, indeed sometimes it was still too late, thanks to auto attack and windfury. Thank the maker for Wind Shock. I can only imagine this will get worse when we are rocking out in Tier 8.5 and Conquest gear, and someone's heroic-geared alt is tanking.

I still cannot off-heal for toffee tho, the only situation in which we survived the healer dying was on trash when the Earth Elemental is actually some use. On a boss, asking your Enhancement Shaman to off heal is only good if the boss has like 5% health left - just too many of a Shaman's healing goods are in talents in the resto tree, plus Kam has 970 bonus healing which is far from the 2000-odd he has in resto mode.

Still, by taking the place slowly and surely, we manage to get the end boss killed in 58 minutes, with just 2 minutes left to rush to the brazier for All Things in Good Time. We then did Jedoga Shadowseeker, cunning leaving her until last. The result was one more heroic dungeon done and only HoS and Oculus left for the achievement. I think I've got a job on getting anyone to do those hellish instances.

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Skraps said...

I spent a solid 6 weeks trying to find anybody to run Heroic Halls of Lightning. That was the last heroic I needed for the Champion of the Frozen Waste title. I was amazed how easy it was to get the Occulus done. It was one of my first heroics after I dinged 80.

To this day, I always volunteer to heal or dps Occulus, or either Halls instance when someone needs to finish them off since I had such a hard time getting those done, when I was going for the achievements.


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