Thursday, 10 September 2009

Death to Onyxia!

After the news that she was going level 80 in 3.2.2, I thought I would try to kill Onyxia soon. Kam was already almost done on the UBRS key chain, so I pressed ahead with the Horde quests and finally got keyed for Onyxia.

Having stepped into the lair of the dragon, I followed this sage advice and 10 minutes later managed a solo kill on Onyxia. Bing achievement and future Feat of Strength, not hard at all. I can recommend the quest chain to all Horde-side lore monkeys, it is pretty cool, and having Thrall fawn all over you for killing her is ace.

In other utterly unrelated news Kam is pretty much done farming Heroics for Emblems of Conquest, except for these tasty legs. Then my mind will turn to whether its worth waiting for the 4 piece Tier 8 bonus, or going straight for 2pcT8 2pcT9. Given the recent change on the PTR, I shall be investing in a Totem of Quaking Earth first anyway.


Skraps said...

My son and I went in last week to duo Onyxia. He is a 72 hunter. His monkey tanked, I healed and he DPS'ed. It was a rocking good time, especially when he was flung into the rookery and came out with like 100 whelps on him. I had the achievement on my warrior from classic, and solo'ed her on my BM hunter right after the talent reset with 3.0. This was the first time for my shaman.

Rich said...

Aw yeah! GRATS on the solo kill! How awesome is that fight solo? I loved it.

Nomasun said...

Nice work on Onyxia! You didn't need to get a key to enter her lair :) But it'd still be worth it for the quest chain.

also 2pc t8& t9 gave me a nice dps boost over 4pc t8

Ninjaoctopus said...

Congrats on the Onyxia kill. I should really get to work on solo-ing her at some point soon.

Rakhman said...

I loved the fight, it was pretty awesome facing down a huge drago, even if most of her attacks really didn't do much!

I... er... forgot I didn't need the key (lol), but the quest chain is still pretty nice so I was happy doing it.

Skraps said...

Any idea what the new Onxy fight will be like? Same fight but updated damage/healto to level 80? Or completely new?

The only thing I hear is that they are removing the fire/frost immunity.

That was the only problem I had solo'ing Onxy, the fact that she was immune to my largest damage abilities, flame shock/Lava Burst.

Rakhman said...

Looks like WoWWiki has tactics for the new fight. She is not immune to fire any more. Looks like the tactics are the same.

I've not been onto the PTR myself, mainly because my PC doesn't have the disk space to install the huge PTR client and I am too lazy to upgrade it. Hopefully next week I will stick a new disk in and then I can try the PTR.

I have a premade Shaman on there too which I'm interested in trying to see if it has like full Tier 9! It didn't say which spec it was however... hmmm. Anyways if I get on I'll try to get into a Ony pug for a laugh.

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