Friday, 25 September 2009

I could say that this mount was rare...

But yesterday everyone at Krasus' landing seemed to have one! Still, I am glad the crazy seasonal achievements grind is finally over. Apart from the Pilgrim's Bounty. And any alts I might decide to try the meta-meta for.

For interest, here is the mail I got the beast in. Apparently Alexstrasza can't spell!

Good luck out there achievement hunters!


Skraps said...


I was disenchanted on the meta last year after I was unable to get that damnable sinister squashling. Then gave up all together when Valentines day rolled around and I had a weekend in Vegas with Mrs. Skraps to see "Love". turns out when the holiday is only 4 days, and you are out of town for 3 of them you can't do the meta.

Elam said...

I'm pretty excited by the fact that a dragon aspect took time off from her busy schedule to write you a letter. Especially since it can't be easy holding a pen with those claws.

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