Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Trial of the Cursed Crusader & Patch 3.2.2

Last night I got into the Trial of the Crusader run, Kam's first ever. With a group mixed from experienced ToTCers and people new to the place (including me), I was excited and ever hopeful of success, and being the only melee DPS in there, hopeful of some epics! And now this morning I see we've been hit with a new content patch with the dreaded Onyxia once gain overpowered.

Trial of the ChampionCrusader
Beware this contains spoilers for the events in ToTC.

The Beasts was a fun fight with lots of running around after Snobolds (and thus bugger all DPS), confusion over which Worm was which, then Kam was picked twice for a charge from the big Yeti, both of which he avoided! Suck it Mr Yeti :P I had read and re-read this Beasts guide from Shamen on Ramen which proved helpful. Those Beasts also dropped a nice neck piece which was a big score for me.

Lord Jaraxxus was a nice fight, if only because a Gnome died. I actually got something to do by being on interrupt duty for Fel Fireball, I could easily use Wind Shear to interrupt this every time. Pretty simple for melee this one, just stand and attack, occasionally running out when I got the flames, and crank those big DPS numbers.

The Faction Champions was predictably chaotic, especially for a PvE guild on a PvE server, and we eventually succeeded by killing their highest DPS first, the annoying hunter. Who can fire at point blank range, something my old hunter could never do. Despite getting them down in normal mode pre-nerf, I welcome the nerf bat as this encounter seemed to be the hardest one on the night, mostly because like, I don't do Arena, keep your PvP out of my PvE, etc etc ;) I did enjoy the heated banter between Varian and Garrosh however, it was pretty cool to see them arguing!

The Twin Val'kyr appeared complex on WoWWiki but was actually quite straightforward, and the Anub'arak fight was very cool, especially the start of the fight when the Lich King himself appears and drops us down to our doom in the depths of Icecrown. Fancy building the Coliseum on his land... epic fail! The giant bug was nice enough to drop the Frostblade Hatchet which I snapped up. Finally I can rid myself of the old Pride off hand, plus the axe looks bad-ass, which never hurts while posing around Orgrimmar. Erm, I mean doing srs bizns on mah auctions. Now I want two! I still have Aledar's Battlestar but the Tankard O'Terror is only looking like a slight tiny upgrade, so I may pass on that one.

I must admit, despite being a short raid and mostly in the same bloody room, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Trial of the Crusader. There is almost a storyline which flows from encounter to encounter - fight the beasts you feed via dailies, a bungled summon, upholding the pride of the Horde by fighting the Alliance Champions, facing off against the "final" Val'kyr, then foil the Lich King's attempts to kill you all.


I would post patch notes and commentary on 3.2.2, but it looks like Windfury, Big Hit Box and Shaman on Ramen have it covered. Possible Enhancement rotation changes and the Glyph of Flame Shock being good are the headlines, along with a buffed Totem of Quaking Earth.

Having Soloed Onyxia recently I am really looking forward to facing a more dangerous version. I just hope the guild don't get fed up of me requesting Berserking mats if I win yet more weaponry.


Skraps said...

I got into my first ToC 10 Monday night. It is a fun short raid. I loved it.

Looking at the changes in 3.2.2 and changes to flameshock, and lava burst I have one question, and one complaint/wish.

1. Question: Now that lava burst no longer consumes flameshock what happened to the talent or glyph (I can't remember which it was) that did the same thing.

2. Why can't glyph of flameshock make flame shock last 24 seconds now instead of make ticks be able to crit? I don't know if my crit rating on my Elemental set is high enough to make it worth while. How often does ticks crit?

Aveleai - Korialstrasz said...

Onyxia is fun and fast, same exact fight as the originl but with all the damage buffed to current raid levels. She's basically a new loot pinata as on 10 man the head quest gives ilvl245 rings and 232 gear drops from her. Honestly, the only challenge about the fight was the fact that 4 out of 10 people had never done it and died.

Bonus though, we actually had someone get tail swipped (thrown) into the whelp cave, brought back memories of the infamous audio file. that was awesome.

Aveleai - Korialstrasz said...

@ Skraps - I saw about 40% crit on my FS ticks last night. My unbuffed crit is about 35%. Crits were hitting for about 2300-2600 so that was a nice bit of additional dps for no additional work. ;)

Rakhman said...

@Skraps 1. that was the glyph of FS (as well as extending the duration), so its now making the dots critical instead. 2. FS does the damage every 3 seconds... I would hope the frequency is whatever your crit percentage is, but I suspect that's not the case and there is some crazy maths involved to work it out!

@Aveleai If it really is a loot pinata then thats awesome! Hopefully I'll get a look tonight in a PUG or next week when it goes on our raid calendar.

Skraps said...


From what I hear Onxyia on a 24 hour raid lockout. I guess they want everybody to experience her deep breathing more, more often.

Hakawa said...

Nice recap of your raid in ToC, I enjoyed reading it.

I recapped 3.2.2 from an elemental pov on if you want to check it out.


Pasteurised said...

Next time on the Beasts of Northrend fight, kindly inform your raid leader that anybody who gets a Snobold on them should immediately move into range of the melee dps.

It's not your job to run around chasing Snobold affected people, costing the raid a heft amount of DPS. If they want to live, it's their job to move. :)

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of you right now. Double linked! :D

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