Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Quick Tips for ICC Lower Spire

Here are some quick Enh tips for the Lower Spire of Icecream Citadel in 10 man:
Marrowgar - Use Fire Elemental right away. Chain Lightning the spikes to splash onto Marrowgar. At the beginning of Bone Storm, if FS is not on cooldown, use a jump shot to hit Marrowgar with Flame Shock while you run away. Ditto for MW5 Lightning Bolt. Practise jump shots, they really come in handy sometimes (sorry kb turners).
Deathwhisper - When you come close to Deathwhisper, drop Fire Elemental who will continue to damage the shield while you deal with adds. Wolves on Deathwhisper too. Drop other totems in the center then keep on the square floor (do not stray up the small steps in front of the alcoves, you will be out of range of totems). You can tank the Cult Adherents no problems. During phase 2 use Wind Shear to interrupt Deathwhisper's Frost bolt every time.
Gunship - In the cannon, warm up the gun to near-max heat before the fight starts so you can drop a Incinerating Blast on the enemy gunship as soon as it appears. During away phases, use the jetpack to hop between the guns and the adds on your boat, landing does an AOE effect for more damage (plus its quicker than running).
Deathbringer Saurfang - The time between Call Blood Beasts is about 30 seconds, so if the ranged get them away within 5 seconds, you can drop Magma Totem for moar DPS on DBS and it will disppear shortly before the next set of Blood Beasts spawn.


Stormcrazed said...

Some good ideas and points, however a few things to note from my personal experience.

Marrowgar - You don't need to run away from Marrowgar unless you are doing heroic mode. Your healers should have no trouble keeping you up while you chase the boss around DPSing the snot out of him.

Deathwhisper - By all means, pop your wolves immediately at the start of Deathwhisper, but only if you think it will be at least 3 mins before her shield is taken down. However, this should take less than 2 minutes if your raid's dps is not terrible, so it's probably better to save those wolves for Bloodlust at the beginning of P2.

Gunship - Make sure, if you are manning a cannon, that you are hitting the Mortar mobs at the back of the opposing faction's ship with your cannon shots. Also, good point on the rocket pack, however you should get in the habit of using your rocket pack as a damage ability you can hit every 2 seconds or so, and weave it into your damage rotation (simply hit your rocket pack hotkey and click at your feet), particularly if you are assigned to cleaning up the adds on your ship. This will boost your DPS by a ridiculous amount, as the rocket pack's cooldown is not linked to your global cooldown.

Deathbringer Saurfang - Magma Totem generates absolutely no threat whatsoever. Keep it down 100% of the fight as normal. No need to worry about beast aggro! You should also be able to fire off a Fire Nova around 1 second after Blood Beasts spawn without any risk of pulling aggro (healers will always have more threat than you).

Rakhman said...

That tip about the rocket pack is awesome, I'll be sure to use it. I may also suggest we not bother running from Marrowgar now and see if the healers can cope, we do 2 healer the Lower Spire but they are good so I will see if we can make em work harder!

On DBS we crowd control one of the Blood Beasts and sometimes they are CCed quite close to DBS himself, so I try to avoid running Magma while they are being picked up and CCed. Not sure I am brave enough to try running Magma while they get pulled away!

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