Monday, 2 August 2010

So they do know

Interesting post:

Enhance does fine on stationary fights like Saurfang and Festergut, but drops behind on heavy movement fights, and unfortunately the fight that counts the most has a lot of movement.

But that's not a totem problem. That's because so much of Enhancement's dps is tied up in getting procs on quick attacks. If a warrior has to move, it may not hurt them as much because their abilities are on longer cooldowns anyway and they can even store up on the rage. For energy classes it's even better because they can just unload when they do get back in range. But Enhancement just lost out on those procs, and they aren't coming back.

We're okay with some specs doing better on some fights than others, but we think Enhancement suffers a little too much when they have to move (and they aren't the only ones - Balance druids and even Elementals are in a similar bucket). We're trying to address this in Cataclysm without removing what it is that players like about Enhance.

Yes yes, movement fights can be a bit of a sod and lead to some serious DPS losses. Saurfang is an awesome fight, Blood Prince Council not so. Hopefully this means the Ancestral Swiftness talent will remain and maybe some of the buffs will see a tweak.


Skraps said...

I did blood prince council this week on my Shaman. This is the first time I have done it on any toon but my mage.

By the end of the fight I was shouting "My kingdom for Blink"

The fight wasn't too terrible on a caster class, but there was a lot of time spent moving from target to target. Couldn't imagine the fight on melee. Especially a melee that didn't have dash, or charge.

Race said...

Heroic Blood Princes is the Worst. Fight. EVER.

Shadow prison is the devil.

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