Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Heroic Achievements

Given the summer raiding lull (although tonight there is a Lich King attempt), Kam has been smashing up various heroics for some easy to get achievements.

Zombiefest was the most fun, being that a single Fire Nova pulse from a Magma totem can kill any zombie easily.

During said instances I noticed my DPS was not really hitting the heights of ICC, especially with a 25% buff. Instead of almost getting 10k I was only managing 4k. Now some of this might be due to the mobs not living more than 2 seconds, some of it is definitely the lack of raid buffs and flasks. A lot will be no 25% buff, which I guess would put my DPS down to 7.5k if we had no ICC buff. What is interesting to me is that the Rogue in the party was managing 6k on the same fights, and he had very similar levels of gear. Sigh.

Only a few achievements to go and another mount is mine. No prizes for guessing which unloved instance these achievements are in.


Skraps said...

I wonder if the rouge DPS is higher because they do not have the ramp up time that an enhance shammy has?

Rouges can open with their top DPS moves, as they have full energy, and they have more burst damage, while the shammy has to ramp up with SS procs etc.

Also what achieves are left? I have 8 to go, with less-rabi being the "hardest" I was on last night late, so i missed the achieve run where they completed 4 of the 8 I have left. *sad panda*

Rakhman said...

Its the Oculus, the only one I've done in there is the 20 minute clear. 1 left in VH for A Void Dance, but otherwise I must face the Oculus.

Worse still, I must voluntarily go to the Oculus. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the case, it takes shamans longer to build up the dps and in heroics its not usually possible to do your top damage. My way undergeared rogue does slightly better dps than my T9/10 shaman. I still find the shaman more fun though :)

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