Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cataclysm Collector's Edition

It's finally available for pre-order in the UK, from among others and Game, but not Amazon. The cheapest I have found it is £54.99 at Game (or to mention another).

Now given the basic Cataclysm is currently cheapest from Amazon at £17.91, why would anyone pay an extra £37.08 for the Collector's Edition?

You get a behind-the-scenes DVD which sounds fairly interesting, with let's hope a Ghostcrawler interview and an answer to why they didn't damn well make instant ghost wolf baseline.

A game soundtrack CD? I don't have the music turned on anyway, so meh. An awesome art book? If I had a coffee table I could make good use of it, but sadly cups of hot liquid must be kept away from the floor due to house creatures.

Some sweet TCG cards and rule book? There is a slim chance of some phat epic loot which can be used to pose in Dalaran (or ebayed), but the actual cards are likely to stay mint-in-sealed-bag.

Cataclysm mouse pad? This looks pretty cool and might give an ageing mouse mat the heave-ho.

Lil' Deathwing in-game pet... now we are talking. This guy looks pretty cute and although I have a lot of pets already, I'll be happy to take him along for the ride. Especially if I can have him out when we kill Deathwing himself. We are going to kill Deathwing, right?

Chance of game code mess-up, resulting in a free Murloc in-game pet? I never got The Burning Crusade CE, so when Blizzard screwed up the in-game pet and offered a free Lurky as a reward, I didn't get one. And I want one. So apart from attending a virtual Blizzcon just for the pet, which is inconveniently on a Friday evening and the weekend when I do family things (also all on YouTube for free), this is my best bet. That, or praying for a Murloc in the Diablo 3 CE.

Ultimately I play WoW a silly amount, so I figure I'll get the big shiny box. I'm still not totally convinced tho, especially given the massive premium it carries over the regular Cataclysm.

So to CE or not to CE, that is the question I pose for you reading this. Yes, you<-- :)


Calandris said...

I bought the CE for WOTLK, and I just didnt feel like i got my moneys worth. I wont be getting the CE again.

Skraps said...

I got the CE for both BC and Wrath. The mouse pads are of dubious quality, and I find that by the end of an expansion cycle they need to be replaced.

The art books are superb, with a lot of concept to finished art, the music CD is awesome for putting the little ones to bed to, (and the BC came with Lament of the Highborn as the opening track!) although at this point my littlest is 15, so maybe for grandchildren in the future.

The DVD is fun, but no replay value, and the pet is BOA, and every character you create once it is on your account starts with it in the mail.

Also the box it comes in is a neat little display in the office, I currently have BC and Wrath on a shelf in the office.

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