Monday, 27 September 2010

Ouch! 600 Triumph for some blue gloves?

MMO Champion have the Justice and Valor points cost of some new items, and although we can indeed farm Triumph now to get a nice Justice point stockpile come 4.0.1, the cost of the dungeon blues you will be able to buy for Justice come Cataclysm is sobering.

From the MMOC screen shot, item level 346 gloves seem to cost 1650 Justice and the chest items cost 2200. Given the 2.75 exchange rate for Triumph and Frost, that is 600 Triumph/Frost for gloves, or 800 for a chest.

Your 4000 capped Justice points will then get you one chest piece and some gloves, maybe some other item instead of the gloves. Or if you converted the 1454 Triumph to Conquest before patch 4.0.1, 8000 gold.

I'll be taking the gold in any case. This does raise the question of how much Justice is awarded for a heroic boss kill. If the current 50 Triumph for something like Nobundo's Chestguard of Triumph is a reasonable number, then if bosses dropped 2200/50 = 44 Justice points we would have a similar grind in Cataclysm heroics as we do now. Apart from them being much harder.

Update: Consider This has posted you get 75 Justice per heroic boss at the moment, so that's an improvement over the current rates.


Skraps said...

What I want to know is what will I be able to buy in 4.01 with my current stockpile of valor/frost? I currently have 74 frost and about 90 triumph. Will that get me into some t10 to try to finish up LK before we start cata in earnest?

Rakhman said...

I'd try to spend it before 401 hits, otherwise the cost of the Tier 10 seems to be getting more expensive than at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Chances you'll be able to buy level 85 gear on live with points you farm pre-Cataclysm? Zero.

It's just not going to happen.

Consider all that stuff a placeholder, and don't pin your hopes on getting some quick gear based on your current grind. You'll be starting with zero points come level 85 one way or another.

mat said...

exchange rate is now 11.59 per triumph/frost

Skraps said...

With the new exchange rate it will be about 100 emblems per major t10 piece. (head, chest, legs) Very nice considering that valor are worth the same as frost, and you can outfit yourself in t10 for something pretty close to the softcap.

Rakhman said...

11.59 per frost/triumph is a lot nicer now, to hit the cap is only 345 triumph and those chest pieces are 189 triumph. Still, that's 189 triumph.

It took me around 4 weeks to grind up a full set of triumph gear for my druid playing most evenings, and that was around 400 triumph needed. No way I have the time to do that again. I may keep my current triumph now tho as it will help toward the level 85 items.

Now I was planning on buying some item just before 4.0.1 with triumph, then hoping I can still "refund" it after 4.0.1 hits, but not for the 40 triumph I paid, but for the new cost in JP. However given something like tier 9 gloves cost 30 triumph (=347 JP) or 478 JP on 401, there might be a gain but I expect them to reset the refund flag and so it's probably not worth the risk. Probably :)

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