Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Account Security or cool RNG keyring?

The Blizzard authenticators are back in stock in the EU site. Given I'm ambivalent about the thing, but they are quite cheap and a couple of guildies wanted one, I ordered a few anyway. The postage is 7 quid for however many you order, so it's a good opportunity to club together to save some cash. Plus when I get the thing I can either tie it to my account and try not to forget it, OR have a neat Blizzard branded keyring which happens to be a handy Random Number Generator. I'm still concerned about forgetting to take it with me then being unable to log into WoW however. Is anyone else ordering one on the off chance, are you sold on the idea, or is it just a load of nonsense?

Edit They seem to be sold out again. Crikey!

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