Monday, 28 July 2008

Badge Fever and loot moaning

Badge Fever is a big issue in our guild. Normally demure, quiet members of the guild will come close to some monstrous Badge of Justice reward and suddenly become the mother of all badge whores. Badge Fever can be diagnosed using the following symptoms:

  • Constant updates of how many badges they need ("Only 10 badges to go")
  • Pestering for daily heroic runs ("Anyone up for the daily heroic? Please?")
  • Moaning about slow clears of Karazhan or the nights where less than the maximum number of badges are obtained ("2 wipes on Aran? WTH...")
  • Constant updates of how many badges they need ("Only 9 badges to go")

Equally vexing are those crazy people who hang out for certain loot drops, stoically attending each and every kill of a boss just to have the chance to roll on non-dropping loot. Something I am guilty of myself, having camped Attumen for 3 months.

Similar to the "loot" meme, ala "Loot-reaver", we now have a new one operating in our little guild, where we rename certain loot items people are after:

Who can tell what the next wave of craziness will be in our little guild. Stay posted is all I can say.

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gnomeaggedon said...

lolq (laughing out loud... quietly) cause I am at work.. nice post.

Ohh and I too love the pet guild application

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