Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Sethekk Halls solo healing

Last night was Zul'Aman night in the guild, so I was grinding more Shattered Sun Offensive rep when a call for Sethekk Halls went out. As I've never done Sethekk I replied and found myself the only healer, in a group of a Feral druid tank, Mage, Enhancement Shaman and Hunter.

The run went pretty smoothly, perhaps due to the low level of the instance and the fact that most of the party were level 70. Stuff I learned was:

  • The ghost summoned from the Sethekk Prophet's death hits very hard. So much so that it seems only a Nature's Swiftness + Healing Wave can save their target. I initially tried a normal HW but the monkey getting hit died before the heal landed. So second time I tried a LHW and the same happened. Of course the true fix for this is to run away from the slow moving ghost, but it was frustrating when the Enhancement Shaman died 3 times in a row to 3 different ghosts and I couldn't save him. Maybe I shouldn't have tried.
  • The Cobalt Serpent, a big blue wind serpent type thing, does a wing buffet which throws you back, cancelling any heals. Also, the Sethekk Oracles do a Chain Lightning which has a silence effect. So I had Earth Shield up on the tank all the time, refreshing during combat, because I didn't know when I would get silenced or interrupted.
  • I need something to tell me when Water Shield has been removed. I was taking a fair amount of damage from the Chain Lightning and various other effects, and each tick takes a WS charge. Several combats ended with me noticing that I no longer had my lovely Water Shield.

Onto the bosses:

  • Darkweaver Syth. This guy was a tank and spank apart from that he summons 4 elementals at various health levels. I used the Fire Elemental at the start to help with killing the adds and generally because we were all grouped together I could use Chain Heal to keep the party topped off.
  • Talon King Ikiss. Despite being told I needed arcane resistance gear for this final boss in Sethekk, the tactic we actually used was to hide around the back of a pillar when he casts his AOE arcane explosion. There is a nice clear raid warning issued, and the whole party runs away round the back of a pillar, so its very clear when I need to follow. After the explosion he also does 1-2k of damage to the whole party, but this can easily be fixed by Chain Healing once to get 2 or 3 party members and then a second time to fix up anyone who wasn't touched. I kept Earth Shield up on the tank all the time and we killed him quite easily.
  • There aren't any more bosses, despite only killing two! I was wondering where the rest of the instance had gone.

Because we had a hunter in the party, he was trapping various mobs, so I had to be careful not to stand next to the trap. More on that later when I can dig out the relevant facts as to why this is a Bad Thing.

Overall the run was good fun and I got to practise a few things. No loot this time from drops, and the reward I chose for the quest Brother Against Brother was an upgrade for my elemental set. I do now have the Shadow Labyrinth Key and have already been recruited to help with an SL run for the first Karazhan key fragment.


Piqued said...

For the water shield I use smartbuff/debuff on my shaman to cast the shield of choice when it runs out. Gives a warning when down to 1 charge and so on. Also the debuff ui is nice in that you have a spot to click easily for each debuff, rightclick leftclick.

Rakhman said...

Cool thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go.

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