Friday, 4 July 2008

Site update(s)

On the advice of the Blog Azeroth site, I have added a search box to the left hand bit of the site, because searching using tags alone is rubbish and google searches rule. Blogger does provide a blog search on the bar at the top, but the google search also searches any sites I've linked to, including those on my blogroll.

I thought I'd post how I did this for those who are interested, as I couldn't find any info on the BA site itself.

  1. On the blog dashboard, click Manage Layout.
  2. On the column of boxes (blogroll, links, etc) click Add A Page Element. Make it a HTML/JavaScript: click Add To Blog next to HTML.
  3. In the popup box which appears, leave the title blank.
  4. In a different web browser window, go to; google custom search on the fly.
  5. In the box shown there will be a load of code. Copy this code into your system clipboard using Copy and Paste functions (eg on Windows select all then hit Control-C).
  6. Back to the HTML/JavaScript element, in the Content area, Paste the code from google custom search.
  7. Click Save.

If you're brave or know HTML, you can also add other handy links to the HTML/JavaScript panel, such as a subscribe link.

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