Sunday, 3 May 2009

They don't want us to be in their Battleground and neither do we

The School of Hard Knocks achievement has sent PvE players flooding into battlegrounds in, one suspects, record numbers. However, I don't think any PvPers are happy about this. All over the battle-sphere, players are exhibiting odd behaviour, some of which is utterly counter to how you should play a battleground.

Alterac Valleys start with mass rushes to the enemy bunkers and towers, graveyards which are normally captured are ignored. Once a tower is captured many players simply leave the fight, those left behind must try to secure victory. Bunkers change hands as if players are letting the enemy capture them, then recapturing them, then repeating in a loop until a serious player puts a stop to it.

In the fields of Warsong Gulch, players defend their flag rooms viciously, awaiting any enemy foolish enough to enter. However, they do not attack until the enemy siezes their flag - then they bring their wrath down upon said enemy with furious anger. Normally ranged classes flock around the stricken opponent like frenzied piranhas, desperately trying to click the fallen flag. Attempts to capture the enemy flag seem to have been forgotten.

Players swarm in the center of the Eye of the Storm, ignoring all sage wisdom to ignore the flag and hold the towers. When the flag is placed, no one is attacking the enemy who also gather - they are all channeling a capture spell. When one lone runner breaks off, the rest of his team spit and curse his name, then wait for the next flag to appear.

Finally in Arathi Basin, positions which could once be entrusted to a defender or two are changing hands with alarming regularity, almost as if the defender is hiding, letting their enemies capture the flag before swooping in and recapturing it. The beginning of AB sees the players possessed with a supernatural desire to capture the Farm, or the Stables, or the Blacksmith.

You can observe one commonality between the proponents of such strange behaviour - they are all persued by a small orphan boy or girl, goading them on with promises of Violet Proto-drakes.

I can only imagine what serious PvPers think of all this - I reckon they would like all the holiday PvEers to get out of the battlegrounds or play properly. Unfortunately I think us PvEers would prefer not to be in the battlegrounds either, but a force more powerful than PvPers or PvEers is at work here - the overmaster of achievements.


jamin said...

Spot on! As a PVP'er who does a lot of BGs, it was a really weird weekend where I saw exactly what you're describing. The funniest was Warsong Gulch where at one point I was literally the only person going for the flag and nearly everyone else was huddled in our own flag room complaining about how the PVP achievements were Blizzard's worst idea ever.

Skraps said...

I wrote a pretty extensive post on the whole achievement over on Sham-Wows. The summary is this. The achievement broke the battlegrounds for serious PvP'ers, and added a chore that PvE'ers have to do for their achievements. But the good news is all will be right with the world in a few days.

Eleazor said...

I had a number of guildies telling me how it would be "so hard" to get some of the BG achievements based on our limited time in BGs (as we are mainly a PVE focused guild), but after heading in with my wife, we were able to find that the alliance, being of like mind, we willing to trade off back and forth before we all /afk. i know it sucks for us to have no other interest, but, we would atleast stay in the last BG (wherever we ended up) and try to tear through some peeps and generally not know what solid BG strategy is since WotLK launched. like i always say, "if you're not part of the problem, heck, start a new problem that you can be the president of!"

Lazkroth said...

The one positive thing about this was the umpteen thousand PVP nubs that entered the BGs and gave folks that know how to BG massive amounts of honor for kills. The BG strat system may have been broken, but that's when folks like me (was grinding for yet another PVP piece this weekend) find the opportunity - make up the lost honor by killing all the nubs.

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