Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Back to the Heroic Emblem grind?

See MMO Champion blue tracker and the official forums. Bornakk says:

General reminder: Things can still change.

The current plan is to make Emblems of Triumph the "base" of emblems so everything that drops Emblems of Conquest would be changed to Triumph and then the new raid content would drop the new highest emblem along with things like the heroic daily and such.

I am ok with this change as now I don't need to be bummed I didn't get into Trial of the Crusader, because I'll just be able to grind heroics come 3.3 for full Tier 9.

However I am annoyed that I'll have to once again grind heroics come 3.3 for enough Triumph for full Tier 9!


Skraps said...

Yet another example of how I fail. I have not seen t9 tokens for sale at the triumph vendor. Am I not seeing them or just dense? Does the vendor just sell the item instead of a token? If so I don't remember seeing anything with a set bonus in the vendor.


Rakhman said...

Actually I think its Blizzard fail. The Emblem of Triumph vendor in Dalaran doesn't sell Tier 9.

The vendor who sells the Tier 9 is actually outside the Argent Tournament Coliseum, and there are like 3 of them, one for each of the Tier 9 "levels" you can get. Iirc they sit in tents on the raised section of the Coliseum, just where the raid entrance is. I think they just sell the item too.

Skraps said...

'doh last week I spent like 40 badges on shoulders from the vendor in Dalaran because I couldn't find tier gear.

Anonymous said...

yea, the vendor's outside the coliseum sell just the item itself, not the token, and the helm, chest, and legs cost 50 tokens, and the shoulders and gloves cost 30. to get the 245 and 258 versions of t9 u will need the trophies that drop in 25 normal and heroic totcr

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