Thursday, 15 October 2009

Reincarnation to 30 minutes?

Reading MMO Champion this morning, it seems some nice individual has drawn up a list of self-res mechanics and how our one is a little... rubbish at the moment. This drew the following response:

Reincarnation cooldown
We might drop Reincarnation to 30 base, talented to 15. That's a slight nerf to the talent, but at the same time taking the cooldown that low might make an unattractive talent more attractive. source

[...] We were concerned that a really short cooldown on an ability that rezzes you and only rezzes you would lead to bizarre behavior. Shamans could just commit suicide every fight knowing that they could come back. Standing in the fire too long? No problem. Too far away from where you want to be? Just die. Out of mana? Just die. Yes you might lose dps or healing time, but we still think it would happen and we think it would look weird.

Soulstone by comparison can easily be used on the "wrong" person (if they don't die) and Rebirth can't be used at all if the druid dies. In some ways, Reincarnation is the only cooldown that you are guaranteed to see every fight as soon as it becomes that dependable. source

As the sort of nub who dies sometimes, I would greatly love Reincarnation to be 30 minutes instead of 60, so I can die more often on bosses but come back to finish them off! Just last week I missed a Legion Flame cos I was trying to heal someone else, died, but as soon as it disappeared, I was back, rocking Shamanistic Rage to get my mana up and up to full health. You look far more professional when you don't have to be scraped up after a boss kill.

Later on Ghostcrawler gets tough on QQ, tough on the causes of QQ!

Too much QQ in this thread.

I said I was going to spend less time trying to point out to players when their posts crossed the line from helpful to junk. Instead we're just going to lock threads that have become nothing but venting and bashing.

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Skraps said...

I missed the discussion of dropping the CD down to 30 minutes. But when I saw them drop the CD 10 whole minutes I posted in a rage over on that we were getting shat upon. I stick to my guns. the CD on reincarnation is stupidly long. No other class in the game has a CD even half as long as the untalented Reincarnation.

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