Saturday, 10 October 2009

Is Love Is In the Air 2010 two weeks?

The latest build on the PTR has some interesting entries in the in-game calendar. Currently on live Love Is In The Air for 2010 is 11th - 16th February, an intense 6 days to grind loads of achievements.

On the 3.3 PTR Love Is In The Air for 2010 is 7th - 20th February, a much more reasonable 14 days. If this is intentional, then Blizzard have made a frequently requested change to lengthen the holiday, making it far easier to grind all the various achievements needed. But wait, there's more!

On live the Lunar Festival is 12th February - 3rd March, a frankly boring 20 days, but on the PTR it is 14th - 27th February, 14 days. Are the holidays being normalised to 14 days? These two were always a serious grindfest, no sooner was the Love Is In The Air grind over than we had to hit a hundred Elders in and out of instances. Now we get 1 week to do Love Is In The Air alone, 1 week overlapped with Lunar Festival to finish up and start on Elders, then 1 week for the Lunar Festival alone.

This is a really awesome change! Unfortunately, Children's Week is still a week :( Screen shot of the PTR calendar below!


Skraps said...

Does Childrens Week need to be more than a week? I don't remember but I thought it was a pretty quick/easy achievement. Woot for Love is in the Air getting extended.

Last year I took Mrs. Skraps to Vegas for a long 4 day weekend for Valentine's day and only had one day to try to get the achievement. I failed. So this year I will get it done.

Rakhman said...

@Skraps I think the only sticker with Children's Week is the PvP stuff, which tends to require grinding battlegrounds trying to get the specific thing done you need. The best example is AV where you enter, race to the bunker and try to be the first to channel the flag capture. If you fail, leave the AV and requeue for another one.

Having more time to do this would be helpful. I managed to get all the Children's Week stuff done in the week they allowed, but it was very rushed!

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