Friday, 16 October 2009

I can haz Mr Chilly!

This morning I logged in to discover Mr Chilly in my mail box, the "reward" for merging my account with Battlenet. Or is he compensation for the recent EU downtime due to the "improved" battlenet login servers? Either way, he is very cute and is far nicer than Pengu imo. He is BoA so can be mailed to alts, although they probably have also received a Mr Chilly in the mail, so I'll end up with about 10 of the little buggers! Sigh. Witness my limited Mr Chilly photo gallery below.

Mr Chilly occasionally preens himself!

Mr Chilly looks around sometimes!

Mr Chilly look straight forward sometimes!

Alas poor Pengu, you are no longer the cutest penguin in the land, in fact you are down right ugly. Back in your box Mr Pengu!

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