Monday, 23 March 2009

Achievement points - Get down with the sickness

This post brought to you by Disturbed - Down With The Sickness. Now my Metal Up Your WoW moment is over with...

Recently I find myself wandering the entire of Azeroth and Outlands on the most strange of missions. Not quests, no, nothing so straightforward. It started when I got around 2900 achievement points - they sit there, uselessly displaying their count to me, taunting me with their closeness to the nice, round number of 3000. A sudden compulsion came over me, surely there was a few bits and bobs Kam could knock off to make a hundred or so points?

Heroics are a bit of a non-starter on a raid night in our guild, however I was lucky to get into an OS run and cheese the Besting the Black Dragonflight one. Everyone else in the raid was like "wth you don't have this yet?". Then after persuading the raid leading bear with some Shaman callings (we can persuade more than just the elements to do our bidding!), the Construct Quarter of Naxx was pwned, and we managed to Knock the Widow out, possibly my finest raid achievement yet.

Among such noble achievements are the vague dross of Pest Control, various explorations and It's Happy Hour Somewhere. These are really just topping up that achievement point score, but look now, its at 3000! I could stop here, but the compulsion to do silly things is still strong, and I want to catch some slippery rogue, even though he continues to gain points! At least I'm miles ahead of the raid leading bear (slacker) and our elemental shaman.

Why is this compulsion to collect achievement points with me? Shouldn't I just go grind some Northrend rep instead, or finish up some more quests in Sholazar? Then I could get 5 Exalted Reputations or go Into the Basin and see The Snows of Northrend. Oh dear, there's no escaping those points, I think I really am down with the sickness.


Rich said...

Don't give in to the madness! Actually some achievements are fun but if you go after achievements for achievements sake then they become... what? obsession? An extension of end-game questing? A nice diversion?

Well whatever it is for you, enjoy it!

Crashandburn said...

Hang on, how is my earning of achievement points suddenly dishonourable. I take offense and it would appear that it's more than just us blood elves that have green eyes :P

Rakhman said...

Perhaps I should have put a wink at the end, no offense intended.

Anyway where are your blog posts, slacker? ;P

metalupyourwow said...

Achievements are a plague!! They can definitely suck you in and be absorbed by them. I used to be like that with Xbox and I had to stop myself because that's all I would do. And when I heard WoW was going to have these achievements, I cowered in fear like the Druid's Tree Form does.

OOO Ah Ah Ah Ah

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