Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tier gloves - a slight upgrade not taken

Thursday night, The Obsidian Sanctum is on the raid calendar, Kam is signed up. Unfortunately not enough tanks sign, so it is cancelled. How odd then that the guild goes ahead and gets a run going anyway. Luckily our DCPS warrior (that's disconnections per second, due to his rubbish internet) has to drop and Kam gets in.

The remaining drake and Sartharion later, the Gloves of the Lost Protector drop. With no competition, Kam grabs the token and I get to ponder the loot later.

So we have Rusted-Link Spiked Gauntlets versus Heroes' Earthshatter Grips. Roll on 3.1 when I think Kam will have enough mana regen to use Static Shock, but for the moment its Water Shield all the way, so the set bonus does nothing for me. So on the tier gloves we have 5 extra crit rating, 2 more int (which means 2 more attack power) and what the hell, 20 more haste and 34 less hit rating? Now I thought the tier chest was good with a big wodge of hit, but a set piece with no hit rating at all? Do they realise I need 446 hit rating? The rest of the stats are a slight upgrade, but at what cost?

In conclusion, these tier gloves are staying in the bank till I can spare 34 hit rating. Or they might make a pretty neat pair of healing gloves mwuhahaha.


Ragromuda said...

Actually for enhancement you only need 367 hit. As long as you have either a boomkin or a shadow priest giving their imp fairy fire/misery it gives you 3% to hit. Helps a lot to gear as enhancement since so little mail has the hit you need. And the 17% you need to hit only effects your lightning bolt/chain lightning and your shocks. Your melee specials are hit capped, if I am remembering correctly, 9%.

The thing that you have to worry about much more as an enhancement shaman (or atleast until 3.1) is getting the ungodly amount of expertise to be dodge capped. Getting 214 expertise will prove much more challenging than the 367 hit.

Great blog though, I am going to continue to read.

80 enhancement shaman

Rakhman said...

Sadly in our guild we don't have a raiding boomkin *sob*, and we have all of 1 shadow priest.

I was actually in the raid with the Spriest last week and was amazed and stunned by how my mana just wasn't moving at all! It's a real pity we don't have more shadow priests or any survival hunters... or ret paladins or destruction warlocks come patch 3.1. Replenishment for enh shaman I say :)

Yes folks, EB is the guild who raids without replenishment!

Rakhman said...

By which of course I mean Ret paladins now, and Mages and Desto Warlocks come 3.1. We also have 1 raiding mage!

Mike said...

Don't forget you will get close to 3% spell hit from Elixir of Accuracy and the Snapper Extreme food.

This makes all the difference as you can avoid gemming/enchanting for hit almost entirely.

Particularly with Misery or Improved Faerie Fire on the bosses. Best start convincing your guild/raid leader you need a full-time SPriest (heck, do it just for the mana return!) or Boomchicken.

"Shredding Face as Enhancement since 2.0!"

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