Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The First Fifty

Thanks to a run through the Heroic-of-the-day The Nexus, Kam got his first 50 Emblems of Heroism, which he promptly spent on Pride. I could have used 40 on Mirror of Truth, but I figure being a weapon-toting character, big shiny purple weapons are more important. Even if they may look like a sock puppet. The Mirror is next, definitely.

With the massive 50 hit rating this thing has on it, Kam is now finally over the spell hit cap (of 446) with Snapper Extreme by around 35 hit rating. Which means I can finally dump his Therapeutic Cloak and get me an Ice Striker's Cloak made. It's what all the melee are wearing this season.

I'm not really sure why I kept the cloak all this time, I hesitate to say it's because I didn't find anything with better stats, although for the hit rating that's true. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. However, I've noticed that a lot of the crafted BoE epics don't have hit rating, so I guess Blizzard intended them for use in heroics (where the hit caps are lower) and not raids. The Therapeutic cloak has become my Staff of Westfall, the one loot item I keep around for far longer than I should, simply because I fixate over one particular stat. Druid B kept his Staff of Westfall for many levels and we teased him about it mercilessly.

Now if I can remember to take a screen shot on the toon select screen, I'll update my Path of a Hero profile.

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Rich said...

Good call on the weapon! Weapons are the most important items imo.

Dude, I never connected the dots between Kam, Rahkman and Flame Shock. I'm full of connection fail.

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