Friday, 6 March 2009

An awesome Naxxramas night

Last night we did the Military quarter and the Plague quarter. Although it was mostly rogue loot, Kam did win the tier chest piece from the Four Horsemen.

So Kam can now stop championing Argent Crusade trying to get a Polished Regimental Hauberk. Or can he? Argent Crusade have some leather boots at Exalted which look pretty nice, certainly better than what Kam has currently. Leather? Yuck! But the boots have +66 hit on them, so getting these would allow other items to be replaced with more powerful ones with no hit, like the crafted necklace or kirin tor ring.

My other options are championing Wyrmrest for the resto glyph in anticipation of 3.1, and the drake mount of course.

For now I think Kam will stick with the Argent Crusade, they aren't a bad bunch, they got digs in ZulDrak and a pretty nice crib in Icecrown I helped them build. Of course if Kam gets the Trespasser's Boots from Noth all bets are off.


Race said...

The boots from Argent Crusade are arguably the best you can get outside of 25 mans

Skulltooth said...

Hi, I recently added your blog to my site.
All I ask is that you "advertise" my site a tiny bit.

Morusa said...

beware those boots, I had them on my shammy before Dawnwalkers, and on Tauren theres a glitch to them that makes it lok like you have a third leg!

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