Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Patch 3.1.2 post...

...is very short, no fixes or class changes for Shaman at all... rejoice!


* Equipment Manager When enabled from the Interface Options menu, this feature will allow players to store sets of equipment, easily swap between saved sets using hotkeys, and pull items directly from backpacks or bank slots (must be at the bank to equip inventory from the bank).

The Equipment Manager is being added, so I may well take a look, because I run WoW on two PCs and it is a pain keeping my Outfitters in sync. Storing things on Blizzard's servers FTW!


* Fishing Jewel of the Sewers: You can now fish in all parts of the Dalaran sewers for this quest. Phantom Ghostfish: Can now be caught from Nettlefish schools in Sholazar Basin.

Handy, but I shall still stick to the part outside the underbelly Inn, where I know the rat drops for sure. Fishing in pools is handy because I can have a chance of catching the rare turtle mount.

Dungeons and Raids

* 10-player bosses that drop Runed Orbs will also sometimes drop the recipes that use those orbs.

Hopefully our guild leatherworkers will get some recipes for tasty epics and I can investigate getting some crafted for Kam. When we start killing said bosses.

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