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Ulduar BoE epic items

Now Ulduar has been out for a while, and Kam has assisted Bronzebeard with getting the keystone, my thoughts naturally turn to the phat loots that are in the place. Unlike most loot, I might have a chance to get the following if I am lucky and the Auction House coughs up.

Enhancement - Ulduar 10
Cloak: Shawl of the Shattered Giant drops from Kologarn (just after XT) which is 3 bosses in if you skip Razor and Ignis. I have actually seen this, but lost the roll. The cloak itself is very nice, with a good mix of "basic" stats (without any of the second-gen funnyness like haste and armour pen). It would make a fantastic replacement for Ice Striker's Cloak. Wowhead lists this cloak for 4000 gold but I have not seen it on the AH. Given our guild can kill Kologarn, I will not be buying this item.

Bracers: Bracers of the Smothering Inferno drop from Razorscale, right at the start. These bracers are only slightly better than Naxx 25 ones, but that's still very good. I've seen them on Aszune Horde AH for 1500 gold, which is pretty good considering the item. Given we can kill Razorscale and Kam has the Slime Stream Bands, I won't be bothering with these.

Enhancement - Ulduar 25
Neck: Nymph Heart Charm drops from Freya, one of keepers just after the antechamber, so fairly far into Ulduar. This neck ranks as one of the best, beaten only by Seeds of Budding Carnage which is a Hard mode drop for Freya (and thus lol no chance). It is a little better than the Malygos 25 man quest neck and a fair bit better than the Malygos 10 man quest neck. Wowhead prices this at 3000 gold, but I've not seen it on the Aszune AH yet. Because I won't be getting the Maly 25 necklace, I shall be on the look out for this item. If you have the Maly 25 necklace, I would strongly consider saving your gold.

Legs: Darkcore Leggings drop from Vezax, just before Yogg Saron at the end of Ulduar. These are very nice legs indeed, hit rating, haste, AP and some sockets. However the Valorous Worldbreaker War-Kilt (the Tier 8 legs) are just a little worse and drop from Hodir, who we have killed once. I have seen the Darkcore Leggings sell for 5000 gold on Aszune. Given they are a slight upgrade over the Tier 8 legs available in 10 man, I'd want them to be a whole lot cheaper before I could recommend buying. The Random Number Generator does suck tho.

Elemental & Resto - Ulduar 10
Strangely it seems all the BoE items for casters are suitable for both Elemental and Resto. It's like someone doesn't like itemizing mail items... Now we get into the gear zone where I don't have a handy loot ranking scale available, so my comments will be (more) inane.

Armbraces of the Vibrant Flame drop from Ignis (after the first boss). These are comparable to Pigmented Clan Bindings from Emblems of Valor. Wowhead prices these at 630 gold.

Elemental & Resto - Ulduar 25
Asimov's Drape drops from Mimiron who is one of the keepers of Ulduar, so around half way in. As it says on Wowhead, this is comparable to Cape of the Unworthy Wizard from KT in Naxx 25. Wowhead prices this at 2500 gold.

Leggings of the Stoneweaver drop from Kologarn, who can be the 3rd boss you kill in Ulduar. According to Wowhead this is very nice for a Resto shaman. Wowhead prices it at 3000 gold.

Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed (leather beware) drop from the Assembly of Iron, in the same area as Kologarn so they can be the third boss(es) killed. It is worth a mention even though it is leather (yuck). Wowhead prices this at 1500 gold.

Leatherworking BoE using Runed Orbs
In Ulduar you can get these magical Runed Orbs which can be crafted into very nice epics. The catches are many and varied; the recipes drop from Ulduar 25 bosses or Ulduar 10 bosses in hard mode, the recipes require many Runed Orbs which cost upward of 2000 gold each on Aszune, and Runed Orbs only drop in Ulduar 25 or on Hard mode in Ulduar 10. So this list is basically "for interest" unless you are seriously loaded, or hardcore, or crazy.

Boots of Living Scale. These pwn my current Trespassers Boots most severely. The nearest Ulduar 10 item is Boots of Unsettled Prey, the Scale boots are way better. I have not seen this on the Aszune AH, Wowhead does not have any prices yet but Allakhazam prices them at 13000 gold (ulp).

Belt of Dragons. This belt is a lot better than Torn Web Wrapping because it has more AP, same crit and some haste, plus 2 sockets. Again there is no information on price, apart from Allakhazam says the pattern sold for 6000 gold at some point.

Blue Belt of Chaos. Comparable to Belt of the Fallen Wyrm when gemmed, so this looks like a pretty solid belt for Elemental shaman. No prices yet, given the Belt of the Fallen Wyrm is a drop from Razorscale in Ulduar 25, it isn't worth a king's ransom.

Lightning Grounded Boots. Very good boots with 2 gem slots to customize and solid stats. There are no prices yet.

It is worth saying that although some of these items may be Best In Slot now, come the next tier of raiding they will merely be good. Unless you are hardcore or have mucho mula, I don't think it's worth paying over the odds for any of these (especially the crafted items). Having said that, I might get 3-4 months or more use out of some of the items, so if they can be had at a good price I will indulge.

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Race said...

The patterns seem to drop fairly often. My guild has seen 3 Belt of Dragons drop, and I've also gotten both mail boot patterns. We've also seen both cloth boots drop. The runed orbs are going to be the limiting factor. I think we've gotten like 30 of them so far is all. which is not nearly enough to craft what guild members want.

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