Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Running Naxxramas with 16/55/0

You may recall that I opted for 16/55/0 for my enhancement build, dropping Shamanistic Focus and thus gambling that I would have enough mana. I ran Naxxramas on Thursday with this build (sort of) and can now report the results.

Kam was deployed for full melee DPS against Noth, Loatheb and some of Heigan (until most of the DPS and healers died and he did off healing instead), and all of the trash. We had replenishment up for most of the time, thanks to one of our mages.

On the bosses Kam had no mana troubles - I had to use Shamanistic Rage of course, but was keeping Lightning Shield up full time, and the combination of Mana Stream Totem, replenishment and Improved Storm Strike seems to have done the trick. Unfortunately we did not have another Shaman there, so I was using Flametongue Totem rather than Magma/Searing Totem. I expect if I had spammed Magma I would have probably had some mana issues.

On Noth, I used Magma Totem on the skeleton phase, which probably contributed to my personal-record-breaking DPS (3300 is the most I have ever seen). What is interesting is that the mana gained from replenishment in the Noth fight is only 23% of that gained from SR and Imp SS, so reckon I might be good without any replenishment.

Loatheb was similar - no mana troubles with SR coming up soon enough to use before Kam went OOM. This time replenishment returned 36% of the mana that Imp SS did, so again not a huge amount. Hopefully I'll get into a raid without any replenishment so I can see how Kam does there. I say hopefully, the best scenario would be that we always have replenishment!

The rest of the fights Kam was off healing in his not very uber healing gear and second talent spec, so his DPS figures are a bit poor ;) Finally, for comparison of how far we have come since TBC, here is an old report I dug out from an Illhoof kill where Kam was known as Ando.

From 585 to 3300 DPS in the space of a single expansion? My my how far we have come.


Skraps said...

I never DPS'd in Vanilla or TBC so I don't have any comparison. Although My hunter was pushing 1000 DPS in TBC.

Now I am full resto, but I seem to be DPS'ing a lot in pugs lately. In my full healing gear, as I don't have a DPS set I am pushing just over 1800 in 5 mans and 2200 in 25 mans.

I feel pretty good with those numbers. Mostly cause I don't DPS 25's very often. I still prefer the whack-a-mole mini-game of raid healing.

Race said...

I was commenting on DPS inflation awhile back myself. its kinda crazy. I think back in Kara on my first shaman I might have been pushing 500 or so dps. I didnt do 25's in Argent Dawn often but I did get in on our old raids first Leothras kill and mas 3rd on the meters at just under 800 dps.

Looking at the screen shots for Baelor, I managed to do almost 1200dps on out first Vashj kill. The whole raid did under 12k. By the time we hit Sunwell doing everything I could , haste pots. str, and agi scrolls, stacked groups, I did 1900 on our first kill which was right before 3.0 hit. A week later after 3.0 I was up to almost 2800. On something like Patchwork I can push out 5k now. where will we be come next expansion? 10k? 20?

Eleazor said...

i never had recount or anything before lvl 80 so i have no idea how things have increased. but now that i am leveling some alts i am really find it fascinating the curve in DPS as they move up and up... this is something i will definately keep an eye on when my pally and priest make their way towards 80!

Nomasun said...

are you counting 3.3k dps as an all-time high on regular fights, as opposed to buffed fights? I bet you've topped 3.3k on Loatheb or Thaddius, no?

Rakhman said...

I've not done Thaddius for quite some time, on Loatheb I didn't manage 3.3 for sure on that run - I definitely need to get more of those spores, plus I run Flametongue totem usually... I'm the only shaman in the raid in general!

Nomasun said...

I am curious if you have broken your tops dps since this blog post?
I just checked out your gear and my toons' set is only slightly better than yours and I am pulling 4k to 4.5k dps usually, despite a crap computer--I get about 10fps on raids.

Perhaps a change in addons/rotation is the key to boosting your dps if you are still hovering over 3k dps

Rakhman said...

@Nomasun On the last Patchwerk run, I managed 3.2k dps basically abusing magma and searing totem and the wolves.

You do have the shaman 4 set bonus which is pretty awesome (I'm still waiting for the KT hat and may never get it now) and your gear seems to be mostly Naxx 25 whereas mine is mostly Naxx 10, that may make some difference.

I run ShockAndAwe and totem timers, tho I need more practise at magma abuse to keep it down 100%.

I still have imp GW which I could probably dump for Imp shields and get more DPS... also our glyphs differ, I have flametongue, you have LS. Interesting, I wonder how much difference that and 3/3 Imp Shields would make. According to enhsim it would add a bit of dps which is nice enough (then if I had mucho raid buffs and replenishment a bit more I bet).

I also notice you have Frozen Power, is that for PvP, I assume you are running WF/FT for raids.

My rotation is a priority - SS then ES then LL, with MW5 lightning bolt whenever its up.

Nomasun said...

Definately get improved shields, Static shock is the single biggest dps per talent point increase.

I was using frozen power to try and help on the sparks for malygos, went back to imp GW, although Ancestral Knowledge or Call of Flame might have been a smarter choice.

Yep I use wf/ft, and we are probably using the same rotation since we both use shockandawe

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