Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Quickest City rep with Argent Tournament

I have been grinding Argent Tournament reputation, mostly because I like collecting non combat pets. The following tip is all over the internet already, but I thought I'd mention it anyway, and I can haz graph.

Basically there are two sets of dailies to do - the Argent Valiant ones and the Argent Champion ones. Both have 4 quests, Valiant dailies give 250 reputation to the relevant city and 62 rep to other cities, Champion dailies give a Writ which you can hand in for 250 rep to any city you are a champion of.

So say you want to be Exalted with Silvermoon and you are Tauren. You complete the Valiant dailies for Thunder Bluff (I'll call this City 1), become champion of TB, unlock the champion dailies and start on the valiant dailies for Silvermoon (I'll call this City 2). While you do your champion dailies you get writs which you can hand in to City 1 for 250 reputation, 4 a day, shown on the blue line. While you are getting your 25 valiant seals, you are getting 250 rep for City 2 per daily, 4 a day, shown on the purple line. You also get 62 rep for other cities, shown on the green line. Because City 1 and City 2 rep go up at the same pace, only the purple line shows. Starting at say revered for City 2, it would take you 21 days to get City 2 to exalted.

However... if you saved those Writs until you were champion of City 2, then handed them in to City 2 for rep... you could effectively be gaining rep for City 2 from your champion dailies, even though you were not a champion of City 2. Then you can gain rep for City 2 from City 2 valiant dailies, and writs to hand in for City 2 rep from champion dailies. This is shown on the red line, which takes merely 11 days to get from revered to exalted for City 2.

But you gather valiant seals at 5 per day (doing all the quests), so it only takes 5 days to have enough to become a champion of City 2. Then you valiant another city and thus stop gaining City 2 rep. The tip I've seen around for this one is don't hand in your Valiant's Seals for City 2 so you can continue doing the valiant dailies and gaining City 2 rep. In fact, you could continue doing valiant dailies for City 2 until the rep you needed to be exalted is provided by the champions writs you have saved. Then you can hand in, become champion of City 2 and use the saved writs to ding exalted immediately. The Valiant's Seals stack to more than 25 so you can build up spares to hand in to another city.

The 62 reputation awarded for doing a Valiant daily is also a nice bonus, so long as you are doing the Valiant dailies for any city, the other city reputations will continue to rise slowly. Another reason to keep on with the Valiant dailies, not to mention to gold.

So although Kam has enough Valiant's Seals to become Champion of Silvermoon City, he will continue to do those Blood Elves bidding for a while yet.

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