Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Grinding Shatari Skyguard reputation

Although the flying windrider mount is all very nice, I'm always after something a bit different. So, hearing that Sha'tari Skyguard reputation is now quite easy to get, Kam has been lurking in Terokkar Forest for the last few weeks. Although the dailies do give a lot of reputation, it is now easily possible to continuously grind Skyguard reputation through the Elixir of Shadows.

World of Shadows
The quest World of Shadows gets you started, it only needs the collection of 6 shadow dust from various arakkoa around the Skettis mountains. You then get one Elixir of Shadows which, when imbibed, allows you to see shadowy arakkoa and kill them. While under the influence you should also do Secrets of the Talonpriests. Talonpriest Ishaal drops Ishaal's Almanac which starts the quest chain needed later.

I tended to start up on one of the buildings, chuff the pot, then go round killing normal and Time-Lost skettis alike. Each kill awards 10 Skyguard reputation.

Time-Lost Scrolls
While you see shadowy things, there is a chance to get Time-Lost Scrolls from the Time-Lost Skettis. They also drop shadow dust. I was able to collect around 40 pages for every 20 minute buff the Elixir of Shadows gave. So? 10 of these can be used to summon each mini-boss in the Skettis area, each boss gives 100 rep per kill. There is also a one time quest Adversarial Blood for killing all 4 which awards 350 rep, and a repeatable follow up Tokens of the Descendants for 350 rep. These quests require following the quest chain started with Ishaal's Almanac.

The mini bosses are summoned from the summoning circles in Skettis, and they are all soloable for a Shaman.

Karrog hits hard, so I generally used either Spirit Wolves, a shield or Shamanistic Rage to out heal or reduce the damage. Darkscreecher Akkarai, Gezzarak the Huntress and Vakkiz the Windrager are all easy and can be tanked while dual wielding. Kam soloed all 4 while wearing mid-level Naxxramas 10 gear.

I will comment that the increased stamina from Toughness helps a great deal here, you don't need a load of DPS to kill these mini bosses so extra stamina means less Maelstrom Weapon stacks used on heals.

Time-Lost Offering
Should you kill all 4 mini bosses, you will be given a Time-Lost Offering to treasure for all time, or use to summon Terokk the big bad of the Terokkar area, for Terokk's Downfall. Now I found Terokk seriously tricky to solo and in fact only succeeded when an Alliance dwarf tanked him in the second phase. A spec with Toughness will help here, cos he does a shed-load of damage should he hit you, or bring some friends. Kill Terokk and you get 500 reputation plus 1000 for handing in the quest.

Round and round
Alternatively I used the approach as posted all around the internet - get 6 shadow dust by killing arrakoa, get an Elixir of Shadow, go berserk killing everything in sight while the buff lasts and collect 40 Time-Lost Scrolls, summon and kill the 4 mini bosses, hand in their bits for a Time-Lost Offering, then rinse and repeat. Ignore Terokk unless you have friends. I always got at least 6 shadow dust from priests and arrakoa while collecting scrolls, in fact my bank is somewhat overstocked with Elixir of Shadow.

But there are dailies too!
I will say that while grinding round Skettis killing birdmen by the hundred is quite fun, if you are on limited time the dailies in Skettis and Blades Edge also award good reputation for less time investment. But of course you can't do those dailies repeatedly in one day... because they are daily.

Kam is now the proud owner of a Purple Riding Nether Ray and a little Nether Ray Fry. So why am I championing Wyrmrest Accord reputation? I still fancy a dragon really...


B-Rab said...

I used to grind a lot of different rep for patterns on my main. Now, I switched mains and I'm considering doing it all over again, especially since I think I did it a much more difficult way with the Shatari Skyguard the first time...

Rakhman said...

I've just got a Red Drake from Wyrmrest and I prefer it to the Ray, but the grind was a lot less soloable with those bloody Wyrmrest dailies!

Phix said...

Oh I grind my way to get Shatari Skyguard reputation too! ^^ 'cause the Ray is so handsome, a lot smaller than drake which I sometimes found too big to my liking, and not really handsome too.

The mini bosses are easily soloable by any spec of shaman :D. Well as a Resto I took a while to kill them, but not too long, and it's not hard at all too. Yeah and Terokk, still need a friend to help along :)

Maker said...

Just thought I'd post an update to your thread. It's quite possible to average about 1k per 20mins of potion time by chain killing and only looting the essentials from every mob you come across.

As elemental, I avoid the trees. Their 30 rep isn't worth the time lost since they're immune to my primary attack.

With full T9 (ele), it's possible to solo everything with ease now. The mini-bosses aren't immune to Thunderstorm, so you can use that if you need a quick breather.

A few pointers for Terokk:
1) Use an earth elemental for phase 1. You will pull aggro, but he'll eventually get it back.
2) Be prepared to heal tank Terokk until the fires drop so that you can finish off phase 2. Your elemental will reset to the totem during this phase since he's immune to everything.
3) Terokk is immune to Thuderstorm.

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